It’s Already Written

BookCoverPreviewSometimes things happen in our lives that we do not understand. God broke me all the way down so that he could get my attention. No matter how much He put in my path and in my face; I just never seemed to listen to Him and follow the path He wanted me to go. Everything that I went through was not in vain. God told me that I had a story to share with people. I never listened to Him; I would put the book off and say I will get to it. Well, I finally listened and now I am ready to present it to the world April 30, 2013; you will be able to get my book Its Already Written on,, download it to your Kindle, and I will have books for sale if you are in the DC area. I will have special group discounts, and I’ll be doing a Q&A session with different groups. Words cannot explain how I feel about sharing my story with everyone. There are so many emotions going through my mind. I hope I continue to represent my family, friends, and home team to the best of my abilities. Now I can finally put Author in front of my name!

Remember to Keep It GC,

Author Adrian Taylor

6 thoughts on “It’s Already Written

  1. Congrats on realizing one of your dreams!!! Hope your story blesses someone else’s life the way God has blessed yours.

  2. Words simply do not explain how proud I am of you! May God continue to direct your path and bless everything you set your mind to. As long as His will be done your destiny will be greater than even you can imagine. Congratulations to the newest Author!!!

  3. Praise God! May He continue to hold you in the hollow of His Hands. I am so happy for you, Adrian, and I am already blessed.

  4. Hello LiL Brother, I am very pleased with you. I will be buying this book to put on my Kindle to read. May God continue to bless you. I always knew that God had something “GREAT” in store for your life. CONGRATS Adrian!!!

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