What would you do with a million dollars?

What would you do with a million dollars?

Aww everybody wants to have a million dollars at least that is the cliche. How much is million dollars, would you really be living large with a million dollars. After all we have seen plenty of superstars and celebrities blow through a mill in a couple years, sometimes a couple of days. I also know you have herd about the lottery winners that win several million just to broke again the very next year.

Honestly accumulating a million dollars is not as much a daunting task as it seems. Now I’m not saying it is easy, just that it’s very possible.
For example making 50k a year for 20 years may put you in the millionaire arena, depending on how you spend, save and invest.

If I was a millionaire (with just 1 million dollars) I would keep working. I would invest my million in an interest checking account. Then each year the money that I make in interest. I would reinvest. However, I would not touch the original million dollars.

So what would you do with a million dollars?

Andy (counselor)

8 thoughts on “What would you do with a million dollars?

  1. Truthfully a million dollars isn’t much now-a-days… I would buy a house, CASH (there goes almost a quarter to half)! Take some out for small stuff (to satisfy my human wants) invest the rest and let it accumulate over the years, be that in interest or stocks, etc.

  2. I’m gone buy a couple rental properties in a upscale neighbor. Then I’m gone buy me some Jordan’s and gold chains. And then go to Disneyland, no doubt.

  3. I would probably do nothing good with it honestly! Pay off bills just to create more I’m sure. I would have to hire an accountant because I would blow through that money without even blinking an eye. I know me… Sad but true

  4. A million dollars is not much in todays economic society of inflated cost of living standards. In places like New York and San Francisco a million can not even buy you a decent home. Im not a millionaire now (but close to it), so if I had a million dollars, it would put me over the hump. Maybe I could quit my day job then.

  5. I would give God glory and pay tithes first. Have a house built on my property for my baby girl and children. Pay off my other daughter and son-in-law’s house. Help my son and other grandchildren. Fix my mother’s house in Turnkey for Milas, Theresa and Jerome. Go eat me some crab legs with friends. Help somebody somewhere. I do not require a whole lot for myself to be happy. I know the true meaning of happiness. JESUS —-Well you asked 🙂

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