Wedding Wreckless Spending

I was watching wedding stories the other day and noticed everything on there was crazy expensive.  I was like how do these people afford these weddings?  Now I know that you can get help from your parents and family members in some cases, but for the rest of the world what do you do?  A survey conducted by The Knot showed that the average wedding cost 27,000 dollars.  Are you serious?  This is not counting the Honeymoon or the actual rings.  Why would you actually pay that much for a wedding?  Considering the fact that 50% of all marriages don’t make it why even put yourself in that type of debt to start the relationship?  That is already one strike.  I have been pondering on this for a while.  Television is killing our generation.  All these wedding shows and movies are making it very hard for people to have an affordable wedding.

I think that when it comes to planning a wedding people need to be realistic and stop borrowing and taking out loans for a wedding.  If you cannot save it, you should not spend it.  Come up with a plan.  Know what you want in reason and be happy with it.  I have learned no matter what, someone is going to have something to say about your wedding no matter what.  So first thing stop inviting people you have not talked to in years!  If they are not invited they will live they have lived without talking to you this long they should understand.    Feed people finger foods.  Why are you giving people three course mills?

I talk to older couples ones I strive to be like and they say hey it is not about that.  I love this person. Or I did not get an actually ring till we were married 5 years.  I only had a wedding band.  Marriage is uniting 2 people together forever.  That should be the number one factor.  Now if you have a little bit more money to spend that is find I am not talking to you.  I ask the question if you are with someone and they do not buy you the ring you want or you think you deserve what do you do?  Well I answer and say you probably should not marry that person.

Always keep it GC,

Counsel Adrian


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