Now we are not here to tell you to vote Mitt Romney or the incumbent President, Barack Obama. However, we are telling you to VOTE! The people of our nation have been through various trials and tribulations to extend voting rights equally to all citizens. It is a slap in the face for those with the ability to vote, not to vote. People have literally lost their lives attempting to gain voting rights.

Along with your voting rights you have the duty to be informed on the issues and candidates that you will be voting on. Voting is so your voice can be heard and your considerations can be felt. Leadership of a nation can not help those that refuse to help themselves.

Register to vote and then follow through on voting. It’s not just your right, it’s your duty!

3 thoughts on “Vote

  1. If you do not stand for something you will fall for anything know what know the issues. No matter which way you vote. So lift your voice and vote!

    We are actually having a voters drive in DC next Saturday. I will get the address to you so that you can post it on the bulletin board.

  2. You fools better get out and vote!!!! Your future is at hand. I be telling all my friends and family that they better vote or they gone get slapped!

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