My Vision, Our Future

future-highway-signI sit back and think about life and where I wish we were as a nation. We have come so far but we have such a long way to go. I would like to share with you my hopes for the years to come. It is time for a little mix of new school with the old school. I have a vision for the future; that we as a people will come together and hold all politicians accountable for the decision that they continue to make that affect our lives. We cannot continue to let this country be run into the ground because millionaires want to keep their power in office. We have to hold everyone accountable. Once we lift our voices together, they will have no choice but to do what we say. A true politician is made a leader for the people and by the people. That means we have to get out and vote; not only for presidency but the local elections. I challenge you to find out who are your federal, state, and local politicians.

I would like to see us as country putting more emphasis on family values than money. Marriage rates will go up and divorce rates will go down. I believe that more men will start taking care of their kids and stop leaving these mothers to take care of them alone. I see men being the head of their households, leading from the front, setting the examples for the children, and helping out their communities. I am speaking this into existence. I see the hearts of women softening, and having a trusting spirit. I see parents raising their kids and not trying to be their friends. I see villages raising children; if little Billy is out of line, and his parents are not there, someone should be able to tell him to behave without any backlash because a child should know his/her place.
I hope that people learn that you cannot claim a block that you do not own any part of; that is not your land so stop acting like it. There are things bigger going on in the world. Put that energy into something positive. If you claim the block at least keep it clean and safe; that is taking real pride in where you come from. Stop shooting each other over colors. Your organization was not built on senseless killing. Killing does not make you a man, raising a family and being productive in society does. I see more people putting down the guns and choosing to live than die.

I believe we will put drive and a competitive edge back into our children. I am sorry, but there is a first, second, third place for a reason; it sets bench marks or a goal to meet. In the real world you do not get a moral victory for showing up to work. You have to work hard to get to where you want to be. I remember when we had P.E. and recess; now children do not even have to participate in P.E. if they do not want too! Teachers cannot teach children alone, parents will get involved again. I see a new day. We should want the youth to be better than we were. It takes time and dedication to make sure this happens.

I see unity in our future for all of us. There has been progress in equality. I think it is time for true unity. We need to grow as a nation. I believe in all of this. If you believe in this, that is the first step; the next step is asking yourself what you can do to improve in the quality of living in the United States. Start speaking to your neighbors. Start spending quality time with your wife/ husband/ mother/ father/ son/ daughter. I see everything that I mentioned, and God says ask and you shall receive.

Remember to Keep It GC,

Adrian Taylor

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