It Takes a Village

I was speechless with the event that happened on Friday.  I also think it was an eye opener as well.  No one would ever think sending their 7 year old child to school and someone coming in their class and shooting them.  I am still speechless.  As I write this tears are coming to my eyes.  I love the children and I think that they are and will forever be a first priority.  

First we had to worry about our high school and college children getting shoot now our pre-teens and first graders?  This is crazy and nuts.  We need to change our way of thinking and living.  We have to take back our communities.  It is time for us to know our neighbors again.  I am guilty of it myself.  I grew up knowing the name of everyone that lived next to me now I cannot even tell you if my neighbor is a man or a woman.  I asked most of my friends and sadly they said the same thing.  

I am asking you, you, and you.  Learn the people around you.  Go and join your neighborhood watch group. Look out for the children in your neighborhood.  

Like I said we have to live different so that means you as well. You cannot be so sensitive when your children are acting up and someone tells you or even checks your child.  You may feel funny about it but you know your child is running amuck.  In fact invite people to tell on Tommy or check Tommy when he will not stop throwing rocks.  

At some point we have to stop living in a bubble thinking these things cannot happen to us because the reality is that it can.  If we want to move forward and do better we cannot continue to do the same things and expect different result.

R.I.P. all the people who lost their life in Newtown, CT you will truly be missed and we are praying for your family.


Counselor Dave

5 thoughts on “It Takes a Village

  1. Very true, we have to change our thinking. I think a lot of people have an incvincible perspective of life… meaning they think “that can’t/won’t happen to ME!!” Well, I know the people in Columbine, Aurora, V.Tech Sandy Hooks and others said that EXACT same thing at some point… We have to be a community again and maybe if the times are changing it’s time for us to implement change… hurting children is another level disappointment and sadness for me… I cannot even bring myself to watch the news because that’s all people are talking about… I’m on FB and as soon as I see another tribute to the babies that lost their lives I log off… I just cannot take it! It breaks my entire heart becaue I have neices and god-children who are their ages!!!! Talk about hitting close to home… People, recognize your surroundings and recognize the reality that is surrounding you! Parents KNOW your children, their friends, their doings, their likes/dislikes, habits… PLEASE! We can’t lose our future because of recklessness… God Bless America and better yet America Bless God! (That means whomever you acknowledge as a higher power)

  2. Yeah this is crazy. I think it is hard because no one would ever think that people would kill babies. I am so hurt. You know that it is terrible when the President gets on TV and starts crying while talking about it. New world. New time. Do better. GC I love your awareness and what you are trying to do. Never straight out pointing fingers at individuals. It is more than just one person.

  3. I am sorry I have not been on here for a little while. Great topic. Yeah we need a new way of thinking. Like the music industry and everything else time is passing things are happening so fast that people can not catch up with everything that is going on. Understand that this can happen to you.

  4. The U. S. is in a grave moral decline. We have alot of issues here that we need to recognize and take steps toward improving. From safety, gun laws, to mental health care and perception of mentally challenged individuals. Its not just one thing that is affecting us. It is not safe in the inner city or in the suburbs.

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