TV Raised Me

When I was a young man my role models were Ken Griffey Jr., Eightball and MJG, Barry Sanders, and Martin Lawrence.  Half of you probably do not know who they are, but when I was a child they somehow played a significant part in my life.  Ken Griffey made me love the game of baseball.  If it was not for Eightball and MJG I do not know if I would of fell in love with music.  Barry Sanders show me how to carry myself with dignity and humility.  Martin Lawrence showed me how to laugh and enjoy life.

I as a man now I sit back and look at these names, and I am very disappointed, not by them, but by most young men in America.  I am telling you that I learned how to be a man from men I have never personally met in my life.  Men on TV gave me my values of what I thought a man should be.  Now you look at it like hey you got it though.  That is very correct I did get it, but what if I would of decided that my role model was Charlie Sheen, Doc Gooden, NWA, and Latrell Sprewell, I could possibly be a messed up individual, maybe not?

I am not telling you that I want to be like my father.  I am not telling you the men in my neighborhood took the time to talk and show me how to be a man.  I did not learn this from a male teacher.  I do not even know if I have ever been taught by a male teacher in my life(besides college).  I will tell you who was always ready and willing to talk to me, the dope boys, gangsters, and thieves.  They are always ready to teach you the game or how to be a man through their eyes.

I did not learn to walk with my head high or be confident in myself and all my abilities until I went to the military.  It takes a village to raise a child.  There has to be some type of foundation that needs to be established from the start.  Just because a young man is not your child does not mean you cannot give him some words of encouragement.  If you have a son, and you take him to a ball game, take another little boy as well.  Just because you take care of your own does not mean that you are off the hook because guess what if you were to die you would want someone to step in and teach your son what you can no longer show him.

I love kids.  As a man I can tell the impact that you can have on a child life.  A female and tell a child to sit down and they may or may not but let a man step in and tell them, guess what, they are going to sit down very fast.  Now that you know you will be held accountable.

Remember to keep it GC,

Counselor Adrian

7 thoughts on “TV Raised Me

  1. Man I feel like most males were raised but these things. I mean it is sad but it is very true. I really appreciate you for writing this post. It really hit home for me.

    If people want to volunteer they can go to this is big brother big sister. It does not matter where you are you can go there. I think that is also depends on your area. You can go to local boys and girls clubs and volunteer if you want. You can go to schools as well.
    Stay postive.

  2. I have to be honest I have become one of the people that is just looking at kids and talking about it. I really do not act on it. I really should do better. I want to do better. I really need to stop having excuses because I know how much it would have meant to me if I would have had a positive force in my life. Thanks for the link Timeless.

  3. There is no influence that compares to that of a male influence, to a boy or a little girl! For little girls, they’re the first example to what a man is (good or bad), and how a man should treat a woman! To a little boy a male influence is their example of how they should conduct themselves in the future… anyway you shake it a strong male influence is NEEDED period, but in our culture and today’s society it is imperative to the success of “children”

  4. Yeah i volunteer my services all the time. I really like what you are trying to do on this site. We are in need of some positivity with all this negativity going on in the world.

  5. Great article. We need more positive examples of black men in our community. We need more positive examples of black women for our girls too. It is our responsibility to take care of our own. We have to stop sitting around and waiting for someone else to do it.

    In addition to helping out in the communities, take the time out to volunteer at elementary and high schools to help tutor these kids so they can have a fair chance at an education. Too many people turn a blind eye and deaf ear bc they think it’s not their problem. *Newsflash* it’s all of our problem and all of our responsibility to do something about it.

  6. Our communities need to stop making excuses and cliches for the failure of our youth. Children are very impersonable and need adult guidance in there decision making. Stop letting your kids be raised by TV and superficial heros. Celebrities are good at what they do but stop letting them be the standards of moral appitude. Parents, family, community and nation need to establish a greater theresehold for moral compentence. We will contuine to fall greater into decline if we proceed with our careless attitudes.

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