The hurt. The search. Understanding my worth.
Love never seems to work. A forbidden curse, now wearing my heart on my shirt.
He loves me. He loves me not. Honesty vs. the lies. Inevitably.
Seeking. Wanting. Yearning. Wondering.
When? Where? How? When? and WHO?
Craving to say the words: I LOVE YOU
BUT more importantly, those words reciprocated with a face value equal to the truth.
Truth, a nonexistent clause in the amendment of what I seek.
Honesty, nonexistent but lies are all we speak.
The masks of reality, these lies shall hide.
Insecurity. Discouragement. Failure. Closed eyes.
Its not about understanding why it continues to hurt.
But the important factor is knowing your worth.
Worth, what exactly does it mean in one’s life?
Who you are. Better than any storm, struggle or strife.
It will get hard. You are not perfect nor untouchable.
But seeing knowing who you are, mind, body and soul.
The mind controls what the heart ultimately feels
and despite popular belief, understand that truth does not kill.

Monisa Mason

5 thoughts on “Togetherness

    1. Thank you! As hard as the dating scene is, we have to trust that somewhere there IS hope. But timing is everything 🙂

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