To Hit or Not to Hit

As a man I have always been raised to never put my hands on a woman.  Treat a woman like a Queen!  Basically I was taught to treat women how I would want men to treat women in my family.  I love women and I think they are the most beautiful creatures on this earth, but women seem to be angry.  I do not understand.  Have you seen women that just walk around mad at the world for no reason at all?  I am not saying all women.  It honestly hurts my heart to just see the nasty attitudes.  I just want to take the anger out of you and tell you it will be ok.  Smile there are things to be happy about.  You are beautiful.

With that being said, people have been writing in asking how “The Counsel” feels about the “Bus Driver” in Cleveland upper cutting the “Lady” on the bus.  We talked about it and instead of putting everyone’s individual comments, I collectively analyze our thoughts.  We just saw this video for the first time two days ago.  We heard about it but no one watched it.  We were so shocked on how he hit the young lady.  He hit her like she was a dude for real.  He should have never hit her like that.  It is just not something a man should do.  Period!  As a man you know all it takes is one hit to mess a girl up.  As a man you should act accordingly.  Even though she was over the line did she really hurt him?  A man fighting a woman is like a 20 year old fighting an 11 year old, it should never happen.

Now we still have to talk about her actions.  Times are changing and more and more women are becoming bullies.  As a woman you cannot play on the “idea” that a man will not hit you.  Every man is not a gentleman and willing to let you just spit in his face, hit him, or continue to size him up as if you are a dude.  There is only so much that a person is going to take until they snap.  It was crazy in the video how everyone was laughing and having a good time with it until he hit her.  It got real then.  People kept screaming “She is a female!”  Why did no one tell her that he is a man that is twice your size, when she would not get out of his face?

I understand that times are different and women are playing more of a man role now in a lot of cases but still we cannot confuse being strong with being a bully.

Remember to Keep It GC,

Counselor Dave

13 thoughts on “To Hit or Not to Hit

  1. I am sorry I believe you should not hit a woman but I am like Meek Mills these **** be acting up and these ****** be letting them. A woman needs to learn today that is not what she wants and should go sit down somewhere she clearly was bring the fight to him. It would be different if it was the other way around. You can not continue over and over to get physical with a man and expect him never to react like that we are all human. You need to know that just because you are a woman and he is a man does not mean you will not get dropped like she just did.

  2. I def would not have hit her, but i would have put her off the bus. excuse the ignorance, but he couldn’t be that strong, with a hit like that she should have been out for some mins. I respect women to the highest degree, and would never put my hands on them… we as men have to take the high road at all times in these situations.

  3. What happens when no road is the high road. Some women will stay in your face pushing you put there hand in your face. I just watched the video again the extended version and she was like a nat that would not stop. Chill out. You should of had your money ready before you got on the bus. He was doing his job. It was never a problem until she started crossing the yellow line. She had to make her point know. That how women like her will do she not going to bus a grape but she not gone shut up. She took the punch very well though I will give her that one. But we have to get to some kind of respect factor on both side in the black community.

  4. He should go to jail for hitting a woman like that. That is crazy and a man should never I mean never hit a woman like that. I thing that is the craziest thing in the world. He is not a man.

  5. Maybe this will be a lesson learned for both, males and females. I do not agree with the extent of the way the uppercut was delivered. However, this woman could have had weapon and if somethin would have happened to him instead of her, then this would not be that big of a deal!! Most women do deserve to be treated like a queen, but let’s keep it real, there are some bad apples that have to be taught a lesson!!! Consider this a lesson learned. It could have been worse. She does have a solid chin!!!!!!

  6. You should not put your hands on any women or man for any reason execpt self protection. That being said and I am I woman, If a women is in somebody face and throwing blows she deserves to be handled. If she can not handle the consequences of her actions she should not put her self in that situation.

  7. I do not think a man should ever hit a woman, but I certainly don’t think a woman should test a man to evoke a reaction. I kind of straddle the fence on this topic, I definitely don’t think he should have hit her like that (not that any hit would have been acceptable,lol) but, I think had he physically picked her up and threw her off the bus someone would said he “put his hands on her” or if he had pushed her off the bus after she became physically aggresive, the result would be the same! (damned if you do, damned if you don’t) He shouldn’t have put his hands on her… BUT BUT BUT NO ONE can take that kind of taunting and physical abuse forever, and he was calm at first… then he reacted. I will keep my opinion to myself, it seems to rub people the wrong way… I have never been hit by a man and I’m smart enough not to test him like I am a man! I will not speak to the violence in the video, but her lack of class and self-respect is disgusting!

    1. This is what we are here for to put the topic out there. What are your feelings about this. No one knows who you are. Share with everyone because I think this is a big topic. I have seen men get abused by women because we are just taught not to hit a woman. Do women think there is a possibility they will be hit? What she was doing was excessive and I really do not think she would of confronted another woman like that. Is this a deeper issue?


  8. Man look I am tired of women acting like men and men acting like women. She deserved what she got. They were talking at first then she decided to get real with him. She should of never got all in his face. She spit in his face that is the worst thing that you can do to a human being. That is worst that slapping a man. I know people are going to be mad and disagree with me but hey pop goes the weasel.

  9. my pesonal opinion is that, no one should display the level of violence that was displayed that day! I think if you’re defending yourself, you have the right to do so, and you deal with whatever comes with it… did she deserve to be uppercut? No… but did she deserve to be handled YES! As a woman, I say if you make a decision to handle your self like she did, knowing full well the consequence, you get what you get. If it was my family, I would typically hold the same feeling, I’d be upset, I’d be mad at the person who did it, BUT even more so I’d tell her that she can’t do things like expecting anyone to take that! I wouldn’t compare this to an abusive relationship, because it isn’t the same… but I will say “self-defense” does not see gender, the court/society DOES… So if you’re a man and you decide to uppercut the next woman man enough to get in your face… you may be well within your rights but you will not win under jury (more than likely)

  10. Boy does this one hit so many dilemmas. I watched the video a couple of times and it looks like she got what she asked for. However, the buss driver being a man and furthermore in professional capicity should have controlled the situation.

    1. The driver engaged the women in dispute. Which therefore gave her motivation to heighten the altercation. The bus driver was wrong stating such comments as “I will get my daughter on you” ” your face sure is scared up”, etc.

    2. The failure of the driver to fulfill his bearing in the verbal altercation is critical in this matter. Especially since he is the “Bus Driver”. This is not the bar or club. Unfortunately to remain in the right in this màtter, the Bus Driver needed to keep his replies straight forward and within his duty as a Bus Driver. As in “Mam, I do not agree with your frustration and my next step will be to remove you from the buss”

    3. The employee may retain his job because of the extreme actions of the women. However, the employer has full justification to fire the Bus Driver.

    4. In regards to “assault” and “self-defense” and pressing charges, the bus driver has more of an arguement. The women’s hitting him and she was not fleeing etc, had a direct conquesce (the uppercut). She was in the wrong.

  11. I personally believe you shouldn’t hit a woman. With that said, I cannot help but notice the unconditional love these women give to men who beat them. Not just in Hollywood but in real life. This one woman loved her boyfriend who was my roommate in college. He beat her like a pinata but she loved him and even transfer to another school when he transferred. I just find it odd that people talk sorely against like it’s rape when in reality, woman seem to be more receptive to it in my opinion. Of course this isn’t the case for all. I mean, one size doesn’t fit all but maybe it’s not as bad as we claim.

  12. “K” You are tripping dude, you meet one women that is per se receptive of the matter and now all women are receptive. go back to drawing boards with your comments. The hitting women or anybody in the capacity that reference is wrong and you will find very few that a receptive of these behavior. And the few that you think are receptive of this behavior will probably have psychological issue and font know where to turn for help. you may find 1 female out of a million that is receptive of this behavior and that Isbecause she is in to “kinky” stuff!

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