The Reality is………..

I was having a serious conversation with a friend about life’s struggles, relationships, and family. She then revealed to me that a couple of years ago she reached her lowest point in life and wanted to commit suicide. I will be honest, when she told me, I was not shocked. I thought she was going to tell me she had been raped or stabbed a guy; just something tragic. In somewhat of a jerk way I simply said, “That’s it? I thought you were about to tell me something crazy. “
Yeah, you did not read that wrong. That is exactly what happened! I told her I wanted to kill myself twice in my teen years. So, I really did not see the big deal about her lowest point. Then I thought about it and I had to really look at myself and say man, how can my mind be so twisted to think that someone committing suicide is not a big deal? Or, could it be that I actually feel like everyone, at some point in time, has thought about killing themselves. I really do not care how strong you are, the thought has popped into your mind of how would the world be without you living in it anymore.
Suicide is a serious matter; more and more people are taking their lives everyday. In my teen years, I did not feel loved. It is funny how people just do not know the mentality of the people that they are around. You try to be this person in the public eye. People think that you are living the good life, when they have no clue that you are struggling everyday with daily life.
So my friend, please excuse my insensitivity when you told me. I do not know your story and I was not there when you were going through your problems. In fact, as a friend I need to be more understanding and uplift you. We should never down play each other’s problems, because everyone is not built the same way. So the next time you look at your life and compare someone else’s struggles to yours stop, because they are not you!
Remember to Keep it GC,

Adrian”GC Smooth” Taylor

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