The Problem With Our Youth

The title to this article might be a little confusing.  I sit back and listen to people complain about our youth all the time, their disrespect to adult, lack of motivation, laziness, lack of education, I can go on.  The one thing I never really hear these people talk about is how they are trying to help educate these youth.  Instead, they call them a lost cause and say how they need to learn and do better or the world is going to be in trouble.  So as I listen, I ask the simple question, “What do you do?”  First response is, “It is not my problem.”  Sure it is.

We need to step up and become an active part of our youth lives and stop letting friends, and television raise our children.  It takes a village to raise a child.  One thing that we are good at is complaining.  That is what we seem to always do instead of showing our children a better way.  Don’t talk about it, be about it!  When was the last time you volunteered at a youth center, school or church?  Become a mentor, coach, Big Brother, Big Sister, instead of complaining.

Another issue I have is, “Why do we take the competitive edge out of our youth?”   This kinder, gentler society is killing me.  We have to learn how to be truthful with our children without killing competition all together.  When I was 5 years old playing Tee ball I knew who won first place.  At a young age I wanted to be the best that I could be.  I know how to take it when I lose.  Let’s be honest the people around me know that I don’t like to lose no matter what it is, but I can take losing as well.  I watch 10 years play baseball, and at the end of the season they are all getting the same trophies.  This is crazy.  That would be like you getting the same salary or bonus as the person next to you that doesn’t work hard at all.  I know it happens but how do you feel about it.  It sucks!

So what do you think children think or feel when this happens?  It takes the competitive edge out of them, because they feel no matter what I do we are all going to get the same thing.  That does not help the weak because they also know why get better because we are all going to get the same thing in the end.  We are teaching complacent behavior and we just do not know it.

Teach hard work, dedication and the belief that you can do anything.  Start this when they are young.  We have to teach the youth that it is not how many times you fall but how many times you get up.  Give it your all and be proud of the results.  We live in a tough world and we have to stop sheltering our children and teach them how to be self-sufficient at an early age or you will handicap them once they leave your home.

Remember to Always Keep it GC,

Counselor Dave

4 thoughts on “The Problem With Our Youth

  1. Finally some ” get right”
    I see and hear the reflection of the truth in this article each and every day. Demands without guidelines or any rewards. How can we expect respect from children when we don’t provide and show it to each other as adults …monkey see monkey do. Have we forgotten how to feel? Think back to the first time u wrote a bike or made a friend shared a secret or even something as simple as sharing a hug…remember the love and energy that was created in those moments ..fuel for the soul? Now who are we to take from our youth just to satisfy our personal demands that were collected during the possess of growing and finding our ways in life. The factors that are in play from individuals to the economies throughout the world are much bigger then a bad seed so to speak.

  2. All man I feel like saying first like on other sites. I would not do that this is not that type of site. I think that we do have an issue with talking about all the issues but never addressing them. Kids are what they are kids. They are not getting these attitudes, laziness and everything else out of the sky. It comes from learning it. We do need to raise these children together. I also agree with the competitive edge there is none anymore. Look I want to be the best that I can be in everything that I touch. People should embrass that.

  3. We are so soft it is crazy. Women need to pop the breast out of there sons month we will save that for another time. I do challenge people to step up and do more instead of doing what everyone does complain. Be a part of the solution.

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