The Lickty Split (what would Suge do?!)

(Said in your best Suge Knight voice) If you don’t want your woman dancing at the office party, all on ya Facebook, shifting through your twitter friends and ish…..apply your gentleman-ness appropriately. Ok, here are some hard lines for the Gentleman when it comes to what to accept from the opposite sex. Basically if your women does any of these….you should let her go, looks like another love TKO!

0. If she doesn’t put God first….let her go!!!!!

1. If your Woman looks through your cellphone with the “intent” to find out who you have been communicating with, or to see whose in your contact list…let her go.

2. If you tell your woman you are going some where, say out with friends, church, to the grocery store, to work..etc…and she calls and/or text you “Where You at”….let her go…(she already knows where you are told her before you left)

3. If you have to tell your woman what you desire in a relationship more than 3 times and she does not get the drift or is not implementing the change….let her go!

4. If she is not giving you the goose at a rate that is appropriate to you…let her go!

6. If she don’t——-, you know what i just said, definitely let her go!

7. If she wears grandma draws to bed…..let her go.

8. If she is significantly in different shape then when you first met her, with no other excuse except laziness…..let her go! (kids are not a excuse)

9. If she don’t follow your lead, let her go!

10. If she doesn’t put God first….let her go!!!!!

Gentlemen be Gentlemen, but don’t let your woman get over on you. The harsh reality is Good Women don’t do things like the above mentioned. Furthermore if your Woman is doing this, she can be easily replaced. Seriously the only chicks that are not replaceable are Beyonce and….Yup, that’s about it. Signing off

Jerome Goddard
(Guess Speaker)

14 thoughts on “The Lickty Split (what would Suge do?!)

  1. The going through the phone should not be done as you think about it. If you go looking for something you will find it. Even if it is nothing at all. There has to be some level of trust. It goes back to building the foundation that you want with the lady you are trying to be with.

  2. This post sounds quite vindictive. There surely must be some common ground or middle point.
    So if your love interest gets fat, you should just let her go? I am assuming that goose is another word for sex, so if sex is not as frequent as the male…mhhm Gentleman, wants he has the right to just trow her way. These ideals sound so barbarian! Gentleman’s Counsel has come with more open articles then this right here, come on guys.

  3. man you are on one today. what about working for you what you want. we need to tell me to be patient and go what you really want. You should not give up so easily.

  4. Right on!!! Get rid of her. No need of wasting time with a women that’s not really that into you. It’s plenty of of screaming hot women out here looking for a Gentleman! Stand up and take back your rightful place as kings of your castle!!!

  5. Some of this is a bit far-fetched. Grandma draws, “the goose”??? REALLY… Getting fat should not be the single reason you walk away… work out with her, love her enough to help her. Where is the LOVE MAN??? I think some of this list I agree with, but a few of them are NOT gentlemanly.

  6. The woman bashing is unnecessary. This is supposed to be an uplifting site catering to “gentlemen”. I find your article quite offensive.

  7. Counselor Dave you need to stop putting everyone up on this site. It look like he took the good things you said in your last article and added his negative thoughts to it to twist it. Considering the material that yall have put on this site this is TRASH. Jerome is no Gentleman at all in fact he sets men back 100 years. Word of advice don’t have ignorant guest writers.

    A Loyal Fan

  8. I agree Counselor Dave, it is great to hear other opinions about love and relationships. Only thing with this article is that I see “love” mentioned or alluded to no where throughout the text. I would like to see more “gentleman” topics and less of this type of stuff.

  9. So
    1. if my man has streaks in his draws….I’m gone let him go!
    2. If he make under 90k….I’m gone let him go!
    3. If he comes in past 9 pm….I’m gone let him go!
    4. When I go through his phone and find that he been talking about hooking up with some chick from way back….I’m gone let him go!
    5. When he gets a beer belly….I’m gone let him go!
    6. When he does that annoying thing with his mouth….I’m gone let him go!
    7. If he gets grey hair I’m gone let him go!
    8. If he gets caught up with the law, just a little bit….I’m gone let him go!!
    9. If he keep letting his mother influence our relationship….I’m gone let him go!
    10. I’m gone let him go cause I know he got female friends at work!!!!
    11. If he don’t drive a Lexus, BMW, Benz, porsche, Ferrari etc….he gots to go!
    12. If he don’t wash the dishes…..I’m going to let home go!
    13. If He late on child support 1 time….I’m gone take him to court!!!

    I am a Queen….I deserve better!!! I need a man to accept my postive and my negatives! If he can’t do that I can do bad all by myself.

  10. This is the worst crap that I have ever read in my life. Now you have just set women back 100 years. Pure ignorance!!!!!! Late on child support LOL that is Rachet. You should be married with your husband raising a family.

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