Superstar Pedophile..The Buck Stops Here

Pedophiles…The buck stops here!!!


With the conviction of Jerry Sandusky are we seeing the stoppage of a seemingly alarming trend “The Superstar Pedophile”. In the past 20 years or so there have been numerous cases where persecutors have displayed seemingly overwhelming evidence in pursuit of a conviction, nevertheless the alleged perpetrators have walked free.  We all know the names but to lessen double jeopardy we will leave the names to allusion. However, believe you can throw a football or sing a tune and you will most likely be in the general arena.  With that being said the Sandusky attorneys have basically stated that they will challenge the decision and appeal the conviction. Which means he still may walk free.  So what do you think of these matters? Are we as a Society holding Superstars to a different standard in the Criminal Justice Systems or do they just have the means to “Beat the Case”

One thought on “Superstar Pedophile..The Buck Stops Here

  1. I think he is going down for this. He might get into a crazy home but that is about it. He will be locked up for sure. It is time to start setting examples.

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