Letter to Strong Men


Dear Men, O strong Proud Men….

*Are you okay? How are you? “I’m good” you’ve been trained to say…
No no. I said how are YOU? How do you feel? Are you overwhelmed with being STRONG ALL THE TIME? Are you tired? Do you need me to take some weight off of you? Whoever said you should carry the WHOLE WORLD ALLLLL THE TIME?

*How is your heart? Is it heavy? Is the pressure of being a provider to more than just yourself a lot at times? Are you scared? Do you need rest? A vacation? Do you need just a moment to gather your thoughts… to hear your thoughts? Has anyone told you…IT’S OKAY TO BE WEAK? It’s okay to seek rest. Not just for your body, but for you mind and your spirit too?

*Remember that first punch? It did NOT knock you out…. But by the 5th…then the 10th, yes your legs did get weak. You did NOT fall. You still WON the fight. But you were weakened. And IT IS OKAY…!!! Be strong enough to admit when you are weak.

*Say it…it is okay to feel weak. It is OKAY TO cry if it hurts. You are still a man. Your manhood is still right there. Even after you rest. Take your rest my love. Being a man is hard. Learn to admit when you are weak and that the punches have gotten to you. Admit it with your mouth, in your heart and with some cleansing tears.

*The true test of your manhood is what you do after your rest. How can you be a well to others, empty? Refill yourself. I will ask you if no one does. How are you? Are you okay? No one asks “the strong” ARE YOU, YES YOU…OKAY? I am asking. I am asking. It is how you finish that is important. But take your rest. Then be your best.
I love you,


Your wife, mother, sister, daughter, son, father, best friend, uncle, aunt, coworkers, cousins. We all call on you, but today we want to know. Are you okay?

Amber Nicole Smiley

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