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StephenSmithI listen to Steven A. Smith comments today and I am not sure what the up roar is all about. I did not find anything that he said terrible. He actually spoke the truth. He said, “No man should ever hit a woman, but a woman should do everything that she can do not to provoke him.” I have written about this before. A woman should never hit a man, I mean ever. I do not care what the circumstances are. Just because you are a smaller person and you hit a man it does not suggest that a man will not hit you back. There is no need for anyone to hit anyone.

As much as we teach boys growing up you do not hit a woman, we have to start teaching our girls the same thing. You should not hit a man unless he hits you or you feel your life is in danger. I have been slapped and scratched by a woman and I am here to tell you it does not feel good at all. It will almost make you forget that she is a woman for a split second. Now I have never hit a young lady but if I was that guy, it could have been a real problem.

We have become so sensitive to the truth that it is sad. When I read the headlines and seen everything trending title “Stephen A. Smith Rant” I thought I was really about to hear something terrible. I stand behind what he said. There was absolutely nothing wrong with it. Some women need to take responsibility for their actions as well. Let’s be clear there are men that hit women because they are animals.

There are too many videos out there where a woman is hitting a man spitting on him and he gets fed up and hits her. I think he is talking about those situations. Please let’s all practice not hitting the opposite sex. Nothing good comes out of it!

Adrian “GC Smooth” Taylor

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