Society Tells Us A Relationship………..

I have a hard time dealing with what society tells us is the correct way to deal women or contradicts what I was taught about dealing with women.  I have been taught to treat a lady as such, a lady; she is beautiful and delicate like a flower and you should respect her.  There are certain things that you do for a lady, as a man: open doors, compliment her dress, hold her hand, and consider her feelings because, as a man, your feelings are not as sensitive. 

Now society contradicts everything that I have been learning my entire life.  Society says  a man and woman can do the same thing, and I am supposed to look at my lady as an equal in that capacity.  I’m sorry, we are not the same.  I am not shaking your hand like you are a man.  I am not going to talk to you like I talk to a man.  I am not going to fight you like a man.  So I will never look at a lady like a man. 

The thing that kills me is that I try to do like society says and treat women like I would treat a man..  However, this is very confusing to me because when we have a situation or disagreement, now I have to handle that situation as a man and consider your feelings and possible reactions as a woman?  I do not get it, you want to be like me but now you want to be a woman when it benefits you and I should know better and do better, which one is it?  If you want equal opportunity in the relationship that means you wants it at all times and not when you feel it benefits you. The only thing that I can do personally is be what I was taught.  I feel that I cannot go wrong in that situation.  I will always treat a woman like she is a woman.  Unless you are signing my checks or doing business with me, I will treat you like a woman.  I cannot treat you like society says I should.  If you want to be treated like a Queen then you have to let me look at you like that.  Trust me I will be the King in all situations. 

To all my fellas, I was taught that your lady is a reflection of you.  If want your relationship to go a certain way, you have to lead it into that direction.  If she does not follow you, then she is not the one for you. 

Remember to Keep It GC,

Adrian “GC Smooth” Taylor

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