Slavery or Not

Is music part of a modern day slave trade that started over 500 years ago? Let’s think about it for a moment. Perhaps the most popular but destructive genre of music is what society calls hip-hop or rap. If we look at what took place during slave trade of Africans, we see that some individuals were giving up or trading their own people for money or some type of goods. Is that not the same thing that taking place today? Are not our own people (rappers) trading our people for money and goods?
Those that are doing so are sure to say no I’m just making music and providing for their family. “It’s entertainment.” My question is why are the lyrics influencing our people to be so simple minded that all they can see is money, cars, clothes, drugs, sex and violence. Is the media not controlled by those, who 500 years ago would be considered consumers of slave?
The mechanism of today’s slavery is not to have them do for you, but to prevent them from being able to do for themselves. Just think, our own people selling us for pennies and fame and too ignorant and or selfish to know or care.
Rap music is not a genre that needs to be eradicated. There are many artist that express positive messages but that is not what the media cares to present to our people. It’s not all about the money I believe. What’s a few dollars if one feels they can keep a people oppressed by their own people by funding their destruction through this type of music? Why not push the more positive messages? What, because it doesn’t bring in revenue. Yes, I do agree that a positive message is not as popular as the negative messages. How could it be, when it’s never given the opportunity to make an impression on the potential listeners?
Think about it! Does a new product in the store become popular if it’s not advertised as much as the old ones? The old product may be common to shoppers and seem like it’s the best thing, but the truth about the product continues to be ignored. No, not because people don’t want to know the truth, but because someone or some people will miss out (profits). So, when the new product hits the shelf and the advertisement starts by the media and those who have purchased it, it becomes increasingly popular.
Now, with this new product on the shelf and consumption of it is increasing, it now exposes the truth about the old product. People are no longer forced to accept it because it’s the only thing available or being offered. Just as in some areas people are forced to drink the same water they bath and do all types of other things in because it’s the only water they have. The old product will still have its buyers simply because some people are more reluctant to change than others and some just simply refuse to receive the truth. As the healthier product’s popularity grows the health of the people will continue to grow causing an overall healthier people. So let’s ask ourselves do we want a healthier society or do we feel that everything is good the way it is because one’s self is not affected by it.

Eric Childres

One thought on “Slavery or Not

  1. I like your post alot. Hip Hop is crazy but I try to think about it over the years. There was always some type of ratchet music since the late 80’s. The thing is now we have no balance we always had positive main stream rap. Now the are only a few. Then with YouTube and other places for people to display there music. Everyone tries to sound like whatever is hot. If we start forcing main stream to change as consumers. Then and only then will we see a change. I love the counsel great post.

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