Serving Others

There is nothing more fulfilling than pursuing your destiny. I was always told, when you are doing the work you were called to do, it is not work. I love to speak to youth and be a big part of the community. I feel there is so much that I can give in this world. I want to help young men and women become everything they can possibly imagine. I have been through so much in my life that I just want to make sure they do not have to go through the same things that I went through. I want people to be better than me. I mean that from the bottom of my heart. I cannot be jealous or envious of another human being because God told me, “What is for me; Let know man stand between.”

I want to let you know, giving feels so much better than receiving. The simple fact is I cannot give more than God gives to me. As I become more selfless in my walk; God continues to open blessings in my life that I never could have imagined. As I write this, I have tears of joy because I was in a state of depression not that long ago. I could not understand why I was so down. I lacked self confidence. This was not in my nature or my character. All my friends could not recognize me or the person I was becoming. I had to get back to the things that I love; and that is being active in the community, writing, and being a positive individual. I love me! I know that I am a great person. I will continue to grow and become better at my craft; and I will continue to give and serve you because that is my ultimate high.

Remember to Keep It GC,

Counselor Dave

3 thoughts on “Serving Others

  1. Thank you Jack. As long as we continue to have people like you on our side then we will continue to grow and prosper. We are looking to expend this site to new place while staying positive and true.

  2. I am with Jack you guys give us a great balance of information. I am glad that you stuck to your guns and continue to keep it positive on this site. I know great things will happen as you continue.

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