Save Our Children Innocence

ro2I was speaking to a group of youth and the topics that these 12-14 year old wanted to talk to me about was mind blowing. Not get into all of the specifics that we talked about, but I asked them where did they get this information from and they said, “Twitter and Facebook”. I am really starting to become concerned with the state of our youth. I look online at different sites and I am always seeing videos of kids fighting over Facebook and twitter “beef”, I personally do not think children should even be allowed on these sites. I personally don’t think that some adults should be able to use these sites as well, but I will save that for another day.

The problem is if a child has a problem with someone at school they get on these formats and express how much they dislike someone or how they would hurt them. Now everyone is reading this which put the other person in the position to have to defend their name of look like a punk or soft. We know how hard it was when we were growing up to walk away from a situation like this. Social Media makes it that much worse. There is nothing amusing to me seeing a video of our youth fight over the internet.

I look at some of my younger cousins pages in disguise because of what they are saying and putting out over the internet. I know that they are friends with adults that are talking crazy and reckless. You think they have a clue that once they put this out that information it is there for everyone to see! We have to let our kids be kids as long as we can.

Stop letting our kids get on these site I should not be seeing pictures of your daughter/son having sexual relations on here. If you are letting them have it at least watch who they are talking to and what they are saying. You should have their password on you. Check what they do. My mother would not let us lock the bedroom door if we did she would threaten to have my dad take it off the hinges. She comes right in even if we were changing even though we were so embarrassed she did not care. Never did. We did not pay any bills there and we were reminded about it as well LOL. Stop being friends with your kids and raise them. We are setting these kids up for failure. They do not know how to communicate with each other or adults. Time for change.

Remember to Keep it GC,

Counselor Adrian

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  1. Adrian, you are doing a wonderful job. We need more young men and women to step up and have these talks with our young generation because they are not getting the necessary knowledge from the families because they are not being parents but more of friends. Keep up the good work.

    Venitia Crawford

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