Has being politically correct gone to far?

Recently Dan Cathy, owner of Chick Fil-A alluded to the company’s opposition to same sex marriage by stating…..

“”We are a family-owned business, a family-led business, and we are married to our first wives.” Cathy told the Baptist Press, the news agency of the Southern Baptist Convention, “We give God thanks for that.”

Many members of the public and activists groups have stated that Cathy and the company are bigots and generaly horrible people. However the extraction of his statements simply state what he/company supports and believes. The beliefs that he states are also generally positive beliefs.
Cathy didn’t say dismiss same sex couples or death to the gay population, so why the attack?

In today’s society has it become illegal to have a belief, even one with as many positive attributes as supporting marriage.

Does supporting same race marriage make one…a racist?

Does supporting Christianity make one…..a Buddhist hater?

Does loving North Carolina make you hate….South Carolina?

What’s your take, has politics and being politically correct gone to far?

Andy (Counselor)

Keep it GC!

6 thoughts on “Has being politically correct gone to far?

  1. You have to be able to stand for something. I really like this article. It is great. Some people feel like it is hate but it really is not. I dont believing in smoking but hey other people do I dont look at them different and I will be there friend. But I have my own personal values. It when you look down on others where the problem lays good job

  2. Sometimes equal ain’t fair. Two People of the same sex can do what they do but it ain’t MARRIAGE. Call it something else but it is not marriage. Marriage has been defined for thousands of years and was created for the sole purpose of a man and a women. And please stop comparing this fight to Hispanic and Blacks in the civil rights movement it is not the same.

  3. People like you make me sick. Everybody should have the chance to live in marriatle bliss!..Jack your a idiot!!!

  4. Mr. Cathy is entitled to his opinion as is every one of my fellow Americans.

    In my opinion, Marriage (in the sense that we use it in today’s society) is a legal institution, not a moral or religious one. It is a contract between two people who want to be recognized as a legal unit and want to be afforded certain legal rights and protections that are only afforded to married couples. Two people who pledge to spend the rest of their lives together and vow to be there for each other “in sickness and in health”… “til death do us part”.

    Any 2 people should be afforded the opportunity to marry regardless of their sexual orientation, gender, or SOMEONE ELSE’s RELIGIOUS BELIEF.

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