Red vs Blue

I look at the Presidential race and I see friends turning against one another.  People are really losing their closest friends over two people they do not even know.  This is no attack on President Obama or Governor Romney.  It just shows how bad we are brainwashed.  I look on facebook and twitter and people are cursing each other out over whom another person may vote for.  First off I do not believe that you should disclose your political choice over facebook that’s just me.  I cannot believe the stupidity that I read.  Democrats vs. Republicans are the original Bloods vs. Crips.  People are threatening to take people’s lives.  Stop it!

The real issue is that the president cannot get us there alone! We have to hold ourselves accountable at some point.   I personally do not care who you vote for, it is your right so exercise it.  What I have a problem with is everyone is looking at the President as God.  We feel that everything starts and stops with him.  I am sorry that is not how the political process works.  Not only do we need to hold the President accountable, but Senators, Congressmen, Governors, all the way down to your councilman.

The Presidential Debates should be an interview process for both Candidates.   These are the two people competing to run the free world.  I am sorry I am not judging them based on the fact that one does not care if gay people get married or the fact that the other says in God We Trust after ever line.  We saw where that got us with Bush.  We have 48.6 million Americans that do not have healthcare, we still have troop in Afghanistan, we need more jobs, and I could go on and on.  The President along, cannot fix these issues.   We select these people, and they can only do as much as we let them do.  Once we get past the popularity contest I think that most Americans want the same things.  Hold them accountable! Stick to the issues. 

Love your president!  Follow him but we have to take our world back and stop letting people that we vote into office dictate our lives, they can be replaced.   Keep the peace join hands because you are friends, neighbors, classmates……….  (Singing we are the World)

Remember to Keep It GC,

Counselor Jeff

9 thoughts on “Red vs Blue

  1. Free your minds! I agree it is ludacris the way people are threating people because of who they vote for. It is uncalled for. Lets all get along and contributing to establishing a even greater democracy and nation.

  2. I agree, it definitely shouldn’t be about threatening folks’ lives over a presidential candidate! I DO believe that people aren’t fighting over candidates though, they’re fighting over opposing political parties… and that’s what people vote for too, elephants and donkeys… the freakin PARTY the candidate represents. There is my grief!!!! There are people who could care less about what either man is “promising” and debating about. IDK, I think this has become a popularity contest (as stated) and I’m quite over it! I’m ready for elections, folks know who they’re going to vote for by now and it’s time to do it and get over all this ugly political banter and campaigning! I think it makes everyone look bad, politics is full of broken promises and false hope… no matter who we vote for they will fall short because NO ONE can fix the free world (aka USA) in 4 years! NO ONE… and you can never please everyone all the time, so pick the person you identify with the most, the person who’s views you most agree with and move on with your life! I’m not less of a person if I vote for one candidate over another, you’re not a dummy if you vote for who you researched and agree with, you’re not ignorant if you vote for the person who fights for the issues you find important… JUST VOTE! BOTTOM LINE… (rant over)

  3. Its a great thing to see so many people passionate about a candidate whether Red or Blue. However, its sad to see so many people are disillusioned by the political process. It is important that we remember that politicians whether red or blue, black or white are in fact just that, “politicians”. To put all your hopes and dreams in a politician who is fueled by corporations and special interest groups is a mistake.We should be more attentive to the fact that these candidates raise hundreds of millions and spend it running ads when people are out of work out here, struggling to feed their families. I wish people would wake up and pay attention to the real issues.

  4. People are crazy ready on the first bandwagon they can find. It makes me upset to read it as well it actually stops me from getting on media outlets so I do not have to deal with the back and forth that people are doing. I agree with you 1000% we have to hold each other responsible. We are the jury. I want people in office that are going to look out for the people and put there personal feeling aside and pride because. I do not care what you personally feel. I need to know when you have a program that benefits the majority what are you going to do?

  5. Life is real out here! I need a job to buy food to support my kids. My baby mama all on my back, but I’m like I’m trying ma! I put in 15 apps last week, ain’t nobody reply. But I’m gone get it in believe that! I just registered to vote and will be putting my ballot in the box. Anybody know who hiring in Ohio…like Cleveland/Akron, I have an associate in General Studies. I learn fast so I can do new things. Out!

  6. I really would life for us to come together as a whole nation. We I really agree with making your politicians work for you. They are voted into office. They can be voted out. We give them all of the power. The thing is we are a free nation. Power to the people. So stop being apart of the problem and start moving towards a solution. We have the power.

    Counselor Dave

  7. The nation was built on alliances. Just the wày it is. Red got its people’s and blue got its people. Wish stuff was more non partisan, but we must work within our constraints or change our constraints. We do that by voting, getting involved and being “lerned” on the issues at hand.

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