Reach One Teach One

Keeping in the spirit of giving back to our community, I live by the philosophy Reach One, Teach One. Children in this world are looking for guidance; whether it is from the media, friends, a mother, a father, a sister, a brother, an athlete etc. They want it. Why not let it be from you?!

I love children. I will always make time for the youth of this nation. Children do not ask to be here. We bring them in this world. I am just saddened by the way we are expecting the youth to raise themselves, and then we blame them for wanting to live a life of crime.

I was walking through the subway this morning and watched this little boy, could not have been older than 10 years old, standing about 4ft. 3in. take this ladies wallet out of her bag. Lucky for her, someone saw the little boy stick his hand in her bag and take it. She went through his pockets, took her wallet back, and pushed him on the ground. She was about to whip his little butt, which he probably could have used it, she just gave him a few words then left him alone. It took people a while to realize what happened. Everyone thought he was her child and was just being bad. I was in shock. I went over and talked to him and asked why he did it. He said, “I need to get me and my little brother something to eat.” His little brother was 5 years old. I felt bad for him. I could tell this kid was in survival mode.

This is sad. We are so quick to look at little kids as bad or hard headed. We never take the time to understand them. I was actually late for work this morning because I rode with them to their stop, got off and got them something to eat, then walked them to school. I also gave him my card and told him to call me if he ever needed me.

Do I know if that changed his life? No, but I know that he saw an individual that cared about his well being. As an adult it is my duty to help youth out. I do not have children. I could easily say it is not my problem. If we want a different future we have to play our part in writing it.


Remember to Keep It GC,
Counselor Adrian

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