Should There Be a Time Limit on Public Assistance? (Audio Discussion)

publicThis is a very touchy subject. I want you to listen to our round table discussion about Public Assistance and if there should be a time limit on it? Click on the link below. Also leave a comment and let us know what your thoughts are?
Should There be a time limit on Public Assistance?

Counselor Adrian

4 thoughts on “Should There Be a Time Limit on Public Assistance? (Audio Discussion)

  1. I think that PA is a very sensitive topic. I am for it but at the same time I know a lot of people that take advantage of the system. So in some cases I do feel there should be a time limit. I love the stats that you through out as well Adrian.

  2. Yes I believe there should be a limit to public assistance. The key word is assistance. It wasn’t meant to be a career choice. People should be required to get a job, go to school or take up a trade and within 4-5 years be cut off and held accountable for making a living.

  3. There should be a time limit for certain situations. Many of the elderly did not “sign up” for changes in their economic status due to poor health, death of a spouse, lack of current skills, etc. For viable individuals who are capable of work yet find reasons not to, it should extend to when the youngest child at the age of application turns five (school age). Having subsequent children while on assistance should require a revisitation. The time limit should be in place to teach adults that welfare is not a resting place. Rather than it being a handout it should be a hand-up. I work in staffing and I am well aware of programs that are in place that abate the need for unemployment. I’ve seen a surplus of jobs and training available for those who lack skills, yet a diminishing number of people willing to work those jobs because assistance seems to be a better option. With regard to drug testing, if I have to drug test to get a job, then a drug test should be given to get my money. Point blank period. Great discussion, your panel did an excellent job.

  4. I agree with both of you it is hard and I understand there are certain situations where people may need it longer than other or the fact that some people just can not take care of themselves. We do need to help our country because I do feel that we help other countries quicker than our own. I guess the real question is how do we police public assistance so people are not just using it because they do not want to work?

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