Patience in finding
Patience in knowing when it’s found
Patience in developing it when it’s owned
Rewinding, going back through your steps
Making sure it’s not a clone
Is vital in matching souls
Essential in making a house a home
She, making the right decision
When he’s on one knee, the classic pose
He, confirming she’s the one
Looking at the pictures of her
That takes up all the memory on his phone
Cause if it’s not the real thing
Patience is telling something that’s pseudo
To get rid of the placebos or get gon’
And if it leaves, patience strengthens
The fear against being alone
Not to mention it takes patience to be grown
To go from a nobody to known
Patience brings light to darkness
So the truth can be shown
Wisdom that lacks patience
Leads to the definition of atone
Like making up for the mistake
Of not listening to the jazz
In MJ’s cd player, ask Malone
it’s ignoring the three fingers
Pointing back at you
Before throwing a stone, the zone
I’m in, takes patience, complacent, I’m never
Been patient with these words. since. forever
Minus for add a y, day I’m better
Got as many styles as Cosby’s sweaters
Switch ’em up like the weather
My lines are as cold as a bever-
-age like fine wine
You cant say it’s not clever, however
I’m patient enough to be critiqued
Patience takes ness that’s meek
I’ve seen it make a millionaire out of a geek
And a lack of it Flip the cool athlete
Above the rim, beneath it, on the streets
With signs for food to eat
Pave the way for a married man to cheat
Vice versa, make a wife from a freak
And when at odds, remind them
Of their vows they swore to keep
It’s looking your child in the eye
And saying “I want you to be better than me”
It takes patience for an addict to escape defeat
A doctor needs patience
A knucklehead needs it to unwrap his gift to preach
Sometimes God puts a message in a bottle
And wants us to patiently wait for it at the beach
We need to be patient with His lessons
Before we can teach
4:13 of Philippians, with patience
No goal or dream is out of our reach
From finding a spouse
To hustlin’ for a j-o-b just to make ends meet
And everything in between, patience is the key
It goes hand in hand with faith and belief

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