New Year’s Resolutions are Overrated!

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Every year we tend to do the same things over and over, we want to start the New Year off right by coming up with a plan to do something different in the upcoming year. So we come up with our New Year’s resolutions or goals, but why do we put ourselves through this? Whether it is workout, job, friends, or relationship goals, people ”vow” to change their lives for the better. I’ll use working out as an example, I always see so many people in the gym in the month of January. At the end of January a few have trickled off, then by February over half of the new gym members have faded, by mid-March, the gym is right back to its regularly scheduled programming.

Look, I am not telling you not to set goals for yourself. You should always set new goals, but why does it take the New Year for you to do it? You should reflect on your life year round and determine if you see fit to make the changes you need to be a better person. I am not going to wait for the New Year to update my resume, save money, renew my relationships, start eating healthy, or anything else that I could start doing on any day of the year.

Today is the day that you start setting your goals when you see fit. My New Year’s resolution is the same this year as it has been for the last three years, and that is to be better than I was the year before. I set goals as I see fit. For example, if I wanted to stop drinking or smoking I would not wait until the New Year to do it, to me, that means I really do not want to do it or maybe I am really doing it because it sounds good. But if I wake up on March 23rd and say I will never eat red meat again starting today; then I am probably serious about that goal.

Stop waiting! Go and get it right now. You deserve it!. Do something different this year, stop making false hopes and be the best that you can be during the year. I promise you will see a difference in your Motivation. It is easy to set goals but what are you doing to reach them?

Remember to Keep It GC,

Adrian “GC Smooth” Taylor

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