Obama won’t save you!

In light of the recent election results and the hard, brutal fight for the Job of President of the United States let’s get some things clear…….Obama or any president won’t save you, you are responsible for your selves.

On a side note FDR (Franklin Delano Roosevelt) did do a great job of saving people, but these are different times.

Here is a list of items, situations, clichés and just plain stupidness that will keep you in the same place you were 4 years ago. You, also are likely to be in the same place or worst 4 years from now.

1. You take the new legalized states marijuana laws to heart and start smoking Mary Jane like a chain smoker.

2. You have a “good job” one that pays the bills, etc. However, you do illegal stuff on the side (selling drugs, invading taxes, manipulating the welfare system)

3. You complain about a minimum wage job or a job that is less desirable to you, but are not doing anything to help differentiate yourself from the millions of other workers in America…..or the immigrants.

4. You’ve been getting the same undergrad degree for the last 10 years. (Yes, some people have hardcore reasons; others need to step their game up)

5. You have a sense of entitlement to life’s finer things, but are not willing to sacrifice to get them.

6. You have no “hustle”. You are too good to work at “Burger King”…but haven’t had a job or source of income in 5 years.

7. You keep having little bundles of joy (babies), but constantly complained about daycare bills with the first one.

8. You think that your degree or level of education verifies who you are.
-you look down on people with no degree.

9. You didn’t vote.

10. You’re always in the mix and know everything about everybody, but don’t understand yourself.

11. You need to focus; you’re a chef, a rapper, a songwriter, a personal trainer, real estate agent, book writer, web blogger, politician, have a full time job and two part time jobs on the side……oh, you’re an exotic dancer to?

13. You’re not preparing your kids for the future. You’re not teaching them about spirituality, finances, career choices. Little Sarah shaking her hips is only preparing her for one job……..(read end of 12.) And little John is going to be the best “wrapper” alive.

14. You immediately take defense whenever somebody says anything that could be remotely interpreted as offensive.

15. You reinforce stereotypes by your actions…you know, snapping your neck at the boss, arriving at work using “such and such” people’s time, walking out of the job because you feel disrespected (look the misspelled words that were on that report you drafted, there’s even misspelled words in this article, doesn’t mean you need to quit)

16. You keep super-sizing that number one from McDonald’s and then telling the doctor “I don’t know why I’m over weight and got high blood pressure…it just run in my family”

17. You dated Jack, because he had a little Thug in him.

18. You told Pam, “I want you to have my baby”…so she did….and now you’re mad at your Baby Mama because of what?

19. You are still harking on the excuse that you didn’t have a mother, father, grandpa, coach, etc.

20. You don’t realize that Mitt Romney is Rich…and will mostly likely be richer at the end of President Obamas term even with higher taxes. His father didn’t have a degree and life was hard for the fam during the Great Depression…Romney grew up on government subsidies (cut)…….so what’s your excuse again?

21. You will pick apart this article and defend yourself and others from infringements instead of truly looking at the issues that are at hand.

Jerome Goodard

4 thoughts on “Obama won’t save you!

  1. Man I love this post. Times have changed and people mind sets need to change. I am tired of people saying the other man is holding them down. Get some since about yourself. Stop quote on quote expressing yourself with the lack of clothing you wish not to wear on your butt. I am tired of going to a black neighborhood and it being the worst. Start spending money in your own neighborhoods. How do you expect people to care when you don’t. I am sorry people don’t own you anything.

    All children can not be rappers or athletes. It just will not work. Care about your childrens grades. If you do not care why will they. Help them play a role in there life beside buying them Jordans and clothes that you should not be able to afford on public assistance.

    Last I want to hit on people in the work force that wonder why they can not get a raise or a new position don’t you know they are scared of you why would the put you the position to scare others. You are loud never smiling and just look like you want to kill someone everyday. I don’t want you on my supervision team.

    Yall need to talk about keeping it real in the workplace or how to play the game so to speak because it is a lot of people that dont know how to play the political game and treat work like they friends and they get shocked when someone turns on them just saying.

  2. I really like this piece, as I always tell my friends… the truth is undeniable! I feel like if there were more people to give the hard core truth about laziness, work ethic and the way you represent yourself… we might be in a better place. I love the title of your article, folks think because we have a President of color that their life’s journey will be less tough, that things will be handed to them or easier to obtain and maintain… I’m here to tell you, that he represents something great but your journey is yours and yours only! You simply cannot expect to get anywhere without WORK!!! Bottom line… If you’re afraid of work, you will always take the easy road and you will always end up right where you are… not where you want to be! If you work at Burger King, but you see more for yourself, how about dressing like the manager of that BK and find out how you can move up!!! Take pride in the things you do… people say it but don’t really understand how YOUR REPUTATION WILL PRECEED YOU!!! If you are a dirt bag in everything you do, take short cuts and have excuses for everything! People will find out… If you’re loud and obnoxious, unprofessional in your demeanor or attire, you WILL NOT get hired or promoted!!!! These things are simple… I understand people saying, “I should not be judged by how I look” I get it, but simply stated get over it YOU WILL BE, and you, alone, are not going to change that! I am a black woman with natural hair… don’t think for a second in my corporate, conservative environment people aren’t judging and staring and putting me into a category that I don’t fit… But when they have to talk to me about my profession, they come back every time! I speak with proper English, I smile at the glares, calm and courteous, willing to assist and research… but most of all I’m more than happy to stomp on whatever stereotype, judgment, prejudice, etc. you thought about me before you HAD to talk to me! Let’s be real, YOU must play the part to get the role!

  3. I had to really think about this before I answered. There is a lot of honesty in this post that people are just not ready to deal with. As a nation I am not sure there will ever be equality. People will aways look out for the people that look like them to some extent am I saying they are racist now but you can not change the thought process of people that have thought this way for 100s of years. People are still teaching there kids there is a difference. Now with that being said let me go in on the post. I think there are a lot of truths to this post. People need to do better be better. Black people need to build up there own it is simple it is what Booker T. Washington was trying to teach us. If we build our communities then people will have no choice but to respect black people. Just like the Jews, Italians, Chinese……….. Stop blaming racial profiling when you are walking around with your pants halfway off your but and you have dreads. I am sorry I personally do not believe you should not have this hair style and you are in Corporate America. I go to work and everyone around me has low hair and no beard guess what I want to be in my boss’s position so I do what he does. Plain and simple. I love my beard like I loved it so much. But I love money even more. So it had to go. Not one time did they tell me I had to cut it off but it comes to a point where I had to. I look at all the people that are in positions that I want to be and facial hair is not something that they have.

    Learn how to play office politics. Watch your back but don’t be so on the defense that you scare people away from you. You need relationships. When you get passed up for a promotion sometimes it is you. I see it all the time at my office. They always screaming they are getting overlooked for a promotion. You are extremely lazy though that is why you are not getting it.

    Women and men please I mean please stop having kids that you can not take care of or do not plan on taking care of. It is not the kids fault. Get off your lazy butt and handle your business. I am tired of taking care of your kids that I do not know and have never met with my tax dollars. I think people need to be drug tested and I also think that you should be on assistance for a certain amount of time on a case to case basis.

    Get a job! apparently right now Burger King is all you can get hey pride leaves you hunger. Get that money and be a productive member to society.

  4. It’s crazy how people keep doing the same things expecting different results. If we to move forward as a nation, we must strive for excellence, capitalize on our strengths and move toward positive progression.

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