No Test, No Testimony

We often are frustrated when we come to obstacles in our life. Didn’t hit that jump-shot to win the game, got hammered on your job evaluations, dealing with Baby Mama drama, job seeking with no opportunity in site. We may want to clamper into a fetal position, feel sorry for ourselves or start blaming others for circumstances. Instead we should take the downs in life as a learning lesson. We should continue to complete the tests that will come after the test. Remember the well know quote “experience (life) is a hard teacher, she gives the test first, the lesson afterword”. It may be hard, but take the dilemmas that life throws at you as opportunities to better yourself or to provide insight and testimony to someone else in need . The trials you go through will help prepare you for what’s to come, help prepare for when your “now” situation is overcast by real issues, with more permanent consequences.

There is no testimony with out the test, and no message, with out the mess.

What is your testimony?

Remember, keep it GC


2 thoughts on “No Test, No Testimony

  1. I think the only way to appreciate life is to go through your struggles. It builds character. I am happy for all of my test because they made me who I am today. No regrets. Some of my test I did not pass with flying colors but hopefully I will be able to help the next man pass with flying colors.

  2. I’m gone make it through the struggle! I’ve worked hard all my life to get where I’m at at where I’m going, Amen to that.

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