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I had the pleasure of sitting down with the lovely Liseli Fitzpatrick, owner of Natural Ink Clothing. She is a very positive young lady and her clothing speaks volumes of greatness. I really enjoy her clothing line. Her shirts have positive messages. I also really love the fit of her clothing. I am definitely a big supporter of her movement.

Me: When did you start Natural Ink?

Liseli: I started Natural Ink Clothing in 2005. However, it was actually launched in March 2006.

Me: What were the motivating factors for you to start your company?

Liseli: Well, I consider myself to be a spiritually grounded person. I do have a gift of creativity and I wanted to use my gift in a way that serves to empower, ignite consciousness while spreading Love and happiness throughout the world. I believe in utilizing the gifts we were given to do good in the world, using all media available in the channeling of positive energy, in this case it is through T-shirts. I really wanted to inspire people with my positive messages and outlook on life, which I transposed on shirts. It really occurred to me while I was in Ecuador living with my mother. I would notice T-shirts that had otherwise negative messages/prints on them, and felt that I could use this very medium to promote positivity. That day, I realized that I wanted to design T-shirts centered around positive messages that people would be “proud” to wear. My mother, father and grandmother were very supportive of my passion, and ensured that my dream became a reality.

Me: I can understand that completely. I find it disrespectful for people to wear shirts with negative slurs on them. Now I hear your accent where are you from?

Liseli: I am from Trinidad and Tobago

Me: Very nice! Where are you currently located?

Liseli: I currently live in Columbus, Ohio. I am a lecturer in African-American & African Studies at The Ohio State University. I also got my undergraduate and graduate degrees there.

Me: Now you said that you make T-shirts that are positive and people can be proud wearing. Do you sell any other types of apparel?

Liseli: I try not to use the word proud (laughing). I prefer to say confident. But yes, it did start off as a T-shirt line. Now it has evolved into jackets, dresses, hoodies, and clothing for babies.

Me: Are your shirts for males and females?

Liseli: Yes we have a selection for both men and women. We actually include everyone. It does not matter your ethnic background, color, age, size or orientation. Natural Ink Clothing promotes unity, positivity, and Love.

Me: I really love the hoodies. I need one in a Large! Where do you want your clothing line to go in the next 5 years?

Liseli: To open a physical shop where I don’t only have clothing but also music for the soul, an open mic space, and inspirational books. I want people to have a positive space for self expression. I also want to have a charity for persons who are without – have a clothing and food drive for them.

Me: Sounds like you have a big heart. I think the charity is a great thing. You want people to perform music and poetry at your store?

Liseli: Yes, that would be great. I really think that it is a great way to stay in tuned with each other. I want people to be able to come in and relax while maybe having a glass of freshly squeezed juice, and just unwind.

Me: This sounds like some place. I hope I get the invite when it opens up. How can people purchase your clothing?

Liseli: Right now you can go to and look through our catalog.

Me: Well I want to thank you for your time. I also want to thank you for your work on my T-shirts and Hoodies for Gentleman’s Counsel.

Liseli: You’re welcome and thank you for the interview.

Me: Remember to Keep It GC
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