My Weakness

weaknessAint nothing like music to set the mood…

I’m sittin here listenin to some tunes

My intensions… to think about you

It’s … just something that I do…

I can’t help myself

My thoughts, dreams, fantasies, you consume…

Reality… you allow me to escape from

Even when you’re sittin next to me

Now aint that somn’

I know … I know… I aint right

You talkin to meeee, I’m lookin you in the eyyyyeee

“Yeah … uhhu… okay…”

I’m nodding to show I’m listening

But you sound like Charlie Brown’s teacher

My mind is on last night…

Trying to find a way to repeat it tonight

Shawty… you lookin right

Excuse me if I bite

Shawty… you lookin ripe

Yes … even in that blouse I don’t like

In any garment you’re a beam of beautiful hues and light

Your smile, sexy and bright, a blessing to my sight

You elevate me…I just want to take you on a flight

Of emotions, thoughts, and feelings

You could probably never truly handle or comprehend

In my peripheral I can still spot a 10

I’m just one man with the thoughts of many men

Baby back, baby back, you got it

I could eat a plate full of them

But I’m God designed, I’m satisfied with just one rib

You’re the only one that can weaken me with just one kiss

I caint sing, but for you I will serenade with notes I caint hit

All I do is this, but I will move my two left feet to the right

And back again just to align with the rhythm of your hips

When your song comes on and you shout “that’s myyy isshhh!”

Yeahhh… I dip … when you dip

And regardless if we’re assisted by a couple of sips

I’m already intoxicated by the sheer bliss in our relationship

My apologies for a one track mind

In all seriousness it’s hard to be serious

I’m teen wolf all grown up

But the urge is still there and the moon is a full as your lips…

You’re my temptation… my weakness yet..

My greatest strength


(c) 20130617

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