My Vent

As a man, I look in the mirror and wonder if I am enough?  Can I continue down this path and achieve success?  Will I be a great husband?  Will I be a great father?  When I speak to people does it put a smile on their faces, do they appreciate it, or do they just not care?

Will I ever live up to my own expectations?  Will l even live up to the expectations of people around me?  Will I learn how to not only forgive but to forget as well?  Will I ever let someone get close to my heart?  Will I ever be able to receive real love?  Will I let God use me the way he wants too? 

Do I really believe it is ok for a man to cry?  Will I ever be able to sympathies with people other than children and the less fortune?  Why can’t I feel for a stranger?  Will I ever get my one shot?  Will I ever live to see 40?  Will I get married while my grandmother is able to see it and cherish it?  Am I as strong as I proclaim to be?  Why do we live if we are born to die?

This is My Vent.  I do not care who you are at some point in time you look in the mirror and have self doubt.  I am here to tell you I drop down on my knees and cry sometimes asking God, “Am I worthy.”  Then he comes to me and say, “Yes…………………………………………”

 Remember to Always Keep it GC,

 Counselor Adrian


7 thoughts on “My Vent

  1. I think everyone ask themselves some of these questions brother. We are human so we are going to doubt things in our existence. We are all in the movement together.

  2. WOW that is powerful right there. This is something that I do not see people doing. It has to be hard putting your insecurities out for everyone to see. I applaud you.

  3. You are more than enough and worthy of everything that u wish for and more.

    God is in control and He will give u everything that u ask for.

    <3 Q

  4. We all go through self doubt. We all cry. Even anyone tell you they dont they are lying. You have to get it out. Also no matter how much comfidence you put in the atmosphere you are still scared at some point. Human emotions. It is real to see someone show this though lets you know you are not the only that goes through this in life.

  5. I find myself asking some of these same questions. I honestly thought my thoughts were those unique to only me… thanks for putting this out there. If nothing more than to vent for yourself and let others know they’re not alone in their insecurities and shortcomings… We all have them and if we look to God for answers or confirmation… we’ll hear the same!

  6. This right here is powerful! These our questions that circumvent trough the most prestigious, self confident, over indulged personas in the world. If doubt can arrive in the halls of Alexander the Great, then they can surely make seat in Everyday Bob. We must remember that what is happening to us in any given moment and time is not singular. We are not the first to go through this or that. Yes, God will provide confirmation, confirmation of the damn and the blessed. You fellow Gentleman are blessed in the deliver of fine thought, but never less it is God who provides your confirmation.

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