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People are so fascinated with President Obama and you should be, he is a great man.  He is educated, well-spoken, passionate, driven, and a loving husband and father.  What you don’t realize is 20 years ago he was just an average guy, like you and me. 

President Barack did not find real direction in his life until he met Michelle.  Now let’s paint the picture; Michelle was younger than him and making more money than him, probably for most of their marriage.  This defeats all odds. 

I am not trying to talk bad about President Obama because he is a great man and no matter what people say, he tried to deliver on every promise that he gave since his campaign for Presidency in 2008.  I wanted to make that clear before I went any further.  However, Michelle is what a woman should look at and follow.  This great woman has played her part in this relationship; she has been by his side when things did not look like they were going to prosper.  It even got to the point where she was like, hey something needs to happen because we cannot live our lives like this. 

You want “a Barack” then you need to be more like “a Michelle”.  Look at a guys potential and what he is doing with his life.  Get to know him and his passions and support him on that.  Yeah, it is going to be rough but if you believe in him then it will work out. 

President Barack is the CEO of that family but Michelle makes everything turn.  She plays her part, she never takes anything away from him, and no matter what she has his back.  This is a strong lady.  No one ever thinks about these things when it comes to the president because most of them come from long money and are not self-made.  I am here to tell you, Michelle has given Barack direction and something to live for.  I am looking for my Michelle!

Remember to Always Keep it GC,

Counselor Dave

4 thoughts on “Michelle Obama

  1. I love Michelle and I love their relationship. She is a great role model of a wife, mother, and business woman. She made the ultimate sacrifice of working and holding it down at home until he built up his career and then she gave up the career that she worked so long and hard for the help him fulfill his destiny. #TeamWorkMakesTheDreamWork

  2. My wife was instrumental in me becoming the man I am today. I applaud her for that. However, I would expect nothing less of her or me. I don’t particularly think its something special for a wife to give up her “career” for her husband, etc. Those things should be discussed at the beginning of marriage as known possiabilties. As a unit they decided what was best for the relationship and moved forward from there. Eveidently it turned out to produce a great ROI and helped fulfill there dreams.

  3. I love this lady. She is great. She is a great role model to all young ladies. She carries herself with alot of grace. She is awesome.

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