Men Get Lonely Too!


If you do not think men get lonely sometimes you are sadly mistaken.  As a man we get to the point where senseless dating becomes old and tired and we are ready to have someone in our life that is consistent.  You grow out of having someone around for the sake of being around.  Some reason they will just get on your nerves.  Everything that they do.  That is when you know it is time to settle down.  Then the hard part, trying to find a woman to settle down with.  You are use to having women around but you are tired of it.  You want more!  To get more you are going to have to do something that you probably do not want to.  Cut all the women off in your life that you were messing with.  This is hard but you know that for you to have the relationship that you want with a special lady this has to be done. 

You thought you were lonely messing with different women now you are extremely lonely because you are doing things by yourself. You want to call one of your old friends but you know that is just going to cause more trouble than help.  Most men either fold or get a hobby that keeps them very busy so they do not have that Friday night with nothing to do, which makes you start looking through your phone for someone to call. 

If you are trying to be true to yourself and be with that special one I have a couple options that you can do in your free time. 

#1 Volunteer your time and services to an organization.

#2 Workout at the gym get on your fitness.

#3 Go to church and pray!

Finding that special someone that you connect with is very hard.  Most men look for the same qualities that his mother has because that is the first lady that he truly loves.  Stop spending time with women that you do not see a future with because at the end of the day you are still lonely with her as if you were by yourself. 

Remember to Keep it GC,

Counselor Adrian


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