Men Dressing like Women

I want to be as Politically correct as possible.  I am not trying to offend anyone but what is going on.  I am starting to see something that disturbs me.  I was told it was called being “trendy”.  I am noticing too many men dressing like women.  Whether it is tight jeans and t-shirts or Capri pants and tank tops, it is starting to get out of hand.    I need to know from my women if this is considered to be cute?  Do women like men that dress like them? 

Maybe I am outdated, then again maybe not.  Am I the only person that thinks this way?  Athletes are dressing like this as well.  Are we entering into a new time?  I was just taught men do not wear tight jeans.  There is a difference from wearing clothes that fit and that are tight. 

The culture is changing.  When did dressing like Urkel become hot as well?  Someone please help us men out that do not understand what is going on now.  Do we need to get with the times or do my ladies looking at this as not cute?   My friend told me that women love this type of dress.  Is it true?

Remember to Always Keep it GC,

Counselor Dave

7 thoughts on “Men Dressing like Women

  1. I personally do not find it attractive for men to wear extra tight clothing but I wouldn’t call it dressing like women either;that would mean women who aren’t wearing tight clothing are dressing like men. I feel that it is just a new style that some guys are embracing. To each his own I say. I am pretty partial to the capris or short pants though, it seems to be a beach or island look..(just my opinion)

  2. I absolutely hate when guys dress like. We are sharing beauty secret now? I am with you on this one I am trying to figure out what guys are doing. Hey rappers are doing it and sports figures. Could you see Jordan where the same thing Westbrook was wearing to press conferences that is nuts. Mean need to get it together.

  3. skinny jeans aint nothing new, they just flipping it and wearing it again. People in the 80’s wore skinny jeans, snap backs, tank tops. Just watch a movie like “White Man Can’t jump” or Michael Jackson in the 80’s, even Run DMC or LL Cool J. The more lose fitting (baggy) look was brought about by MJ, hammer and etc. It gradually came to just “actually fitting” you in the 2000’s. Trend is trends, they come they go. They skateboard thing (a lot wear skinny and tight fitting jeans) was hot in the 80’s. I personally could not even think of riding a skateboard through high school, middle school or even elementary for that matter. However that is the thing now. …in 15 years it will probably be bell bottoms and a fish in the heels of the shoes. lol

  4. They did not where skinny jeans in white man cant jump they wore snap backs but that is about it for that one homie. I guess it depends what side of the house you were on with skinny jeans. I look back at the 80s and they wore clothes that fit not skin tight buddy. I dont think men should be wearing hammer pants or skinny jeans. that is terrible.

  5. I agree with Jamie. There is a huge difference between skinny jeans, fitted jeans, and the beach/yuppie look. These trends are trends that used to be in the 80’s and early 90’s. The baggy look is not only gone, but wack. Our parents wore clothes that fitted their body, and our generation is doing the same. Now to get me wrong, some are going to the extreme with this concept, but to each it’s own.

    I personally don’t think grown men should wear skinny jeans. If you have to take on or off your clothes, you prolly shouldn’t wear them. That’s regardless of what you’re wearing.

    Speaking of “trendy”…this look more than anything is a Euro look. No more baggy suits, jeans, or loose fitted shirts. It’s all about wearing things that compliment your body.

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