Memory Lane

I remember meeting you for the first time
And being exaggeratedly mesmerized
For looking into your eyes
Allowed me to see purpose in my life
It’s like… I could actually feel
My internal pages flip to a new chapter
I didn’t immediately think of wedding rings
Or living happily ever after
But I knew the crossing of our paths
By God was strategically planned
And your attention was instinctively
My mission to capture…
All of a sudden, out of the norm was familiar
What you saw was no character or actor
But a man dutifully going after
Something he absolutely had to have
Your smile, eyes, hair,
Curves, and complexion – all factors
Your personality – uniquely spectacular
The sweetest sound I’ve ever heard
Was replaced with your voice and laughter
Your touch resulted in my heart beating faster
And we all have a sales pitch
But yours had me straddling the fence
With such a spiritual and physical magnetic pull
That I wanted to speak in tongues
With you like a pastor… I’m just being real
Because of life, in every aspect
No matter the pitch
All I could think of was ‘catch her’
But the truth is… you caught me
And because of that I’m a better man
They say behind a great one a woman stands
But what they fail to mention
Is that in front of a great one
A man should turn and kneel
And take her by the hand
It’s implied, but in acceptance
You made it a requirement
That I own and wear a pair of pants
For a Queen you are
And because of God and you, I am
All I need form you is a glance
When facing this world
To be even more confident in my stance
My safari has been illuminated by your smile
My future, with you in it
Has exciting and meaningful plans
I just wanted to take a trip down memory lane
To reflect on when we began
And to thank you for saying ‘Yes’
And most importantly….
For giving me a chance


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