The Meaning of Life

The meaning of life has no clear definition
For in it, there’re so many positions
A lot go through it and achieve
Some get no recognition and are overlooked like Prince is
Some are successful as the Pistons
But only a few go above and beyond the statistics
By the horns of life, the true are humbly grippin
Not afraid of hard work
If that’s what they have to do to earn a livin
Still, some are a pro – motions to advance is gluteus kissin,
Some are born with a sliver spoon,
Earn breaking the rules, or lucked up on lottery tickets
While the stubborn and unfortunate are slippin
With sweat drippin, down their forehead
Into their eyes, they’re squintin
Walking with blurry vision off the right path
In their ear is a tooth pick but not the wisdom
“You don’t listen!” is what they hear
Over and over again like a cd that’s skippin
Kickin a habit is literally like kickin a bucket of chicken
5 second rule, pick it right back up with the quickness
It’s a curable sickness, cause one who sweats
From trial and error with faith will eventually glisten
Though it may take for em’ to educate their mind
An underdog is never over until he does big business
And has a witness to confirm the date and time
Once it’s stamped and signed
One hit wonders wish they could hit rewind
Cause they weren’t ready for life after success
For with it come higher standards and expectations
By others their scope is magnified
Some can cope and adjust and are satisfied
Have a tiger in their eyes
Reach back to help their communities on the rise
Say their limit is the sky
The selfish reach the tallest building
And the best buy they materialize
Nothing wrong with that but the elders say
Within this paradigm the goal is to solidify
The ups and downs, decisions, wrong and rights
The aim is the Most High
The process is to crystallize from a caterpillar to a butterfly
To flow in an ever changing wind
Life has no definition, success has no end
So everyday you can be and begin

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  1. My man is very nice with the pen. I really enjoyed reading this on the site. Hopefully you will bless us with more. This is reality.

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