Master of None

Some people are blessed with a lot of talents.  They seem to posses all the skills to achieve everything that they want in life.  But there seem to be something missing in all of their plans.  It could be a lack of focus, drive or vision but something seems to always fall in their ultimate goals. 

Trust me I am not saying that you need to put all your eggs in one basket.  You can do all the things that you want to do but how do you achieve it without sacrificing something first?  You need to do some soul searching.  What is your bread and butter?    What are your best characteristics? 

You need to know what you do best and how to make sure you feed your best assets.  You also have to put in the leg work and focus on a project to see it grow to its potential.  If you fit this bill then you need to understand what are you best attributes?  Sit down get to know yourself.  Write down on a piece of paper your best skills, then what you are most passionate about, and then write down your strongest characteristics.   You should analyze your situation to figure out a plan to accomplish your short term goals to get to your ultimate goals. 

If you want to live to your potential you have to groom your strongest assets first.  Everything else will fall in place.  If you are a great inventor but want to be an entrepreneur you should first invent a great product before you can actually promote it.  Or you can always get a partner that understands the business and will teach you so you can learn for yourself.   

Remember to always keep it GC,

Counselor Dave

7 thoughts on “Master of None

  1. Yes there are so many people out there that seem to be all over the place they need to focus on being the best at something then growing as needed. It is hard for people to realize I think because they want money so bad but quick money dont last. You need to grow and mature it. Plant that seed of money and you will be great.

  2. Yeah buddy I myself have been guilty of this. I had to come to grips with myself to understand I needed to focus on one thing instead of trying to run the world. If you believe insomething then keep going for it dont stop what you are doing. You need to step it up. Some people it takes 6 years before they see any progress on there idea. You have to be patient.

  3. you need to have more than one option. I like to buy more than one lottery ticket it will give you a better chance at winning. That is how I look at it. I want to win. I so if I have to spread the love around then that is what I am going to do. I like to call it multi tasking.

  4. Well said….says the Jack of All Trades. But seriously this is on point. You also run out of fuel when your everywhere but getting nowhere or putting in maximum effort for minimum results.

  5. Rather than to knock my Jacks of all Trades out there I seek to offer some advice. As a young man I was given this label and was offended by it not really knowing how to interpret it. So this is how I flipped it, a “Jack of all trades” is a talent and a skill! Embrace it! The ability to adapt to different situations and apply your knowledge to each is phenomenal. Proficiency in a number of different ventures is not something that comes easy. Besides “Jacks” are usually the most creative and innovative because they are able to draw from knowledge and experience from different aspects and find a common thread in business and in life. The key is being resourceful! Remember you can’t do it all. Don’t try to do it all by yourself, share, keep the right people in your circle who believe in your vision and want to execute. (Bob Johnson style) If a “Jack of all Trades” is what you are, then Master it.

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