Love over Anger and Pride

As humans we tend to say things to our love ones that we don’t mean like, “I hate you”, or “I hope I never see you again”.  We know this is all false.  We are just speaking out of anger.  Sometimes we let our anger and pride gets the best of us.  We can go years without talking to our closest family and friends because of anger and pride.  Why do we do this?

What happens if one of your loved ones dies before you have a chance to tell them you are sorry or that you love them?  We have to learn to let things go and understand that people make mistakes.  Why walk around with the hate in your heart.  This has been a trying year for me.  I have lost a couple of people this year, and they were near and dear to my heart.  I wish I could have spoken to them just one more time and told them I love them just one more time.

We always miss people once they leave us.  Why don’t we praise them more when they are with us?  I am here to tell you if there is a friend or family member that you have not spoken to in a long time, call them.  If there is someone you want to tell you love them, tell them you love them.  It is just that simple.

I am here to tell you that anger and pride can get you in a lot of trouble.   Also, it does not get you anyway.   I am here to tell you to get over yourself.  Stop saying I will call them tomorrow and let it turn into months.  Use your judgment, if this is a relationship that you know you wish to save then you have to do what it takes to make it happen.  At the end of the day who cares what someone will say about you going back to a relationship that made you happy or calling friends or family and mending that bridge back together?  I will tell you if they die or become very ill you will be kicking yourself and you’re so called pride for not making that phone call.

I want to say to everyone that I did wrong I am sorry and I hope that our relationship become well if it can be savaged.  I have lost family and friends and the next time I lose someone I want to make sure they know I love them.

Always remember to keep it GC


Counselor Dave

7 thoughts on “Love over Anger and Pride

  1. You are so right. We need to love and cherish people when they are here. Get over yourself and reach out it does not make you soft.

  2. In the last month I have come to the same conclusion, only I decided that I’m not going to allow distance to make a difference in my frienships and relationships. I lost a friend from elementary school not too long ago, and we allowed distance to keep us from hanging out agin! And the first time I’d seen him in almost 15 years was at his funeral… I cherish time with friends and I sincerely regret not making time for him while he was still here. Anyway, I could not agree more with this post, and God knows that I’m going to make every effort to be a better friend and familiy member to everyone I love. GREAT POST

  3. I am with you as well I need to do better. I keep saying that I am going to call people talk to people and so forth I just have not done it yet. You are right it would kill me if something was to happen I need to step up and put my pride aside. Great post.

  4. I think everyone is guilty of this. We do need to understand that people make mistakes and they do not do things exactly like we do forgive and forget now if it is a unforgiveable offense then just move on.

  5. Man I miss my dogs. I can do is think about the little wayne song. We just lost touch not like there is any beef. I really need to hit some of them up when you move and everyone is doing there own thing it gets hard.

  6. I think us women do this especially for absolutely nothing at all. We start to hate each other for nothing at all. We have to do better.

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