Life Cycle

Do you remember how you felt back in the day? It was a time when you thought that a bad day was losing a football game, basketball game, hockey game, soccer game, or kickball game (LOL). It is crazy; you never realize how good you had it till you are an adult. I look over my childhood and man there were some good times and some bad times. The one thing that stuck out is that I was able to bounce back and be a kid. I use to fight with my friends and we were right back friends. I miss those days.

I remember growing up playing cops and robbers on my bikes. Being a kid was so great you could even ask a girl out with those simple words, “Will you go out with me?” It is funny how that works when we are children, we are so ready to be adults; but when we are adults we are so ready to be children.

This has changed my life so much because if you think about it, we are always living for the future.  We are always being asked where do we see ourselves in 5 or 10 years.  Yes, you always need to plan for the future but we also need to live in the moment.  I personally have missed a lot of moments because I refused to stop and smell the roses.

You only live once, enjoy everyday like it is your last.  Never forget to treat yourself to a good time.  We all need it.  Love, Live, Play, Pray HARD!

What do you remember most about your childhood?

Remember to Keep It GC,

Counselor Dave

9 thoughts on “Life Cycle

  1. Something I remember most is playing outside and using my imagination. My imagination had me in places I saw on TV, I thought my dad was Bill cosby, because he was funny and he used to do the horse thing on his knee with me and my friends/cousins. I remember finding happiness in small things like watching TV with my dad or my mom bringing home something for me… something like a pickle! nothing big… 🙂 OR when my mom would show up to school with McDonalds… THE BEST!!! Definitely had it easy in some ways… this article helped me to know I can still remember the good times of being a kid through all of my tough times that are SO prevalent in my memory!

  2. Man I remember when I was young. I had a great time you really do not think about the face that your parent had a hard time trying to make ends meat. I had no cares in the world. School work was it. Everything was free for me. Water, Light, Gas, Food, everything maybe not to my parents but hey I did not know any better. The good old days I really do miss them. I remember when video games and cartoons were simple LOL. Now I do not know what be going on with them. LOL times have changed so much.

  3. I remember playing basketball all day, everyday. Basketball was life! Was always ready for a hoop session, shorts under the jeans, hoop shoes in the book bag, life was good!

  4. Man we were poor but we were good. I remember going to the corner store with a quarter and I was able to get a hand full of candy. Times were so great back then man. What you know about a freezer cup lol. I love it. Do kids even go out and play now?

  5. Man back in the day when I was young I’m not a kid anymore. Yeah buddy it is crazy how that happens. I try to live for today. Life is way to short. Next time I look back I will be 40 wishing I was 25 ago. Everyone should really read this post and think about there life and whare it is and where it use to be.

  6. Man the black and white kids use to all play together when I was young. Ironically when I got older I found myself being segregated and my life started to be geared more towards the Black Folk. I love my black people but y all my white friends disappeared. I even dated white girls, nothing serious but me and Mary had some great times hiking in the woods searching for Gardner snakes, lol.

  7. I do not miss my child hood at all. I do not have ths same confidence that I have now. Things were different. I am able to support myself. I did appreciate my childhood but it is nice to be an adult.

  8. I am a Texas boy and I just remember growing up listen to Lil’ KeKe and UGK. That entire Texas movement before it got big you know. I miss my childhood for real. Friend are not friends, the game done changed big time. All I can do is shake my head on that one but hey it is what it is. I do live in the moment though you have to. Or you will find yourself saying man I should of did more when I was younger.

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