Letter to My Dad II

Father Relaxing with SonWhen I wrote, “Letter to My Dad” it was from a child’s perspective. With Father’s Day today and the fact that our relationship has grown I would like to write another letter to him.

Dear Pops,

Times have changed; things are different now. We seem to be in a far better place than we have ever been. I do not know if it because you are older and wiser now or if it is me. I just know I like this space. Even though it hurts me sometimes to look at now and think of all the time we spent not seeing eye to eye, I thank God that he brought us closer. When I look at you now I do not see the same person that I saw as a child; I see a man that is concerned about his family and the things that happen to him. As your son, through my eyes, you have earned your spot back as the head of this family.

It brightens up my heart when I come home and you want to talk to me and play dominoes with me. Whether you know it or not it means a lot. God does not make mistakes. Whether spoken or not I want you to know that I love you and I do hope that our relationship continues to grow. Everything happens for a reason and whether we understand it or not, there is always a lesson to be learned.

I know that I never thought much about Father’s Day but this year I actually wanted to remember it. For once it actually has meaning to me and I am happy to give you that call this year and wish you Happy Father’s Day. No one will have to remind me because I have it placed in my mind like the other holidays. Maybe one day we can take a Father/Son fishing trip. Relationships are not easy but the growth between us both will get us to where we want to be. So I want to wish you a Happy Father’s Day. I am happy that you are my dad.


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