Last Meal

Imagine you woke up this morning and only had one hour to live.  I mean your last hour ever.  What would you do?  Who would you call?  Do you go out with a bang?  Or would you immediately start calling the people that you love?  Do you really know?

Most people do not get a heads up when they are about to pass away.  This could possibly be your last hour.  How are you spending it and who are you spending it with?  As humans, we tend to say what we wish we would have done or could have done.  Why not do it?

I went to a funeral today and the person lying in the casket was 27 years old.  This really opened my eyes.  I encourage you to stop living in your own shadows.  I have been doing it for years.  I have been running from my own talents and gifts because I did not think that I was ready.  I am standing here telling everyone that I am not running anymore.  I am going to let God use me and guide me in the direction that he wants me to go.  I hope that you stop running from your calling before it is to late………………………..

Remember to Always Keep it GC,

Counselor Dave

6 thoughts on “Last Meal

  1. I think this is the most challenging question because where do you start or better yet what are you doing now. I have thought over and over about the legacies I would like to leave no matter when I check out and what I have done on purpose is always live as if today is my last day. I tell people that I love every time I am with them how I feel…… I laugh often and smile every chance I get. I am slow to anger and I work to keep peace. My life is not all peaches and cream but what I can say is I am leaving my mark. What are you doing with your time here on this planet called EARTH?

  2. What a question with limitless possible answers and where does one start? I would like to say this is something that I have worked hard at doing in the last five plus years. I came into the knowledge of living as if today is your last day and with that in mind I make every effort to tell the people that I love how I feel. Every chance I get to touch someone’s life I make xm attempt to leave a mark/ legacy. I encourage inspire and motivate people to live their best life. I laugh often and smile daily…..

    PS I tried to post this once so if a similar post pops up at some point you know why!!!!

  3. I know I live everyday to the fullest there is no other way to live. I do not have time for the bs. Everyday I want to be better than I was. I want my daughter to know I love her and she is daddy’s princess. I want my mother to be proud of me. We can not take for granted the days that we have left on this earth. Do better and be better. You never know.

  4. I have conflicting issues with this concept. It is hard. I want to live everyday to the fullest but then I try to live for the future as well. I want to set up my family. So should I just ball out all day everyday. It is hard. I might not be here tomorrow. I do want to be better everyday though. Life is crazy.

  5. I’m going to tell my peoples I love them. However, Im not going to be all extra, when it’s my time, it’s my time.

  6. The possibilities are endless. With technology you can definately leave a legacy in a matter of minutes. You can broadcast yourself internationally via YouTube. However that is why we must really make every moment count and stay organized in the process. Write down what you want people to know. Oral history is great, but there’s nothing like a written record that can be preserved and interpreted but will not mince your words.

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