14 thoughts on “Is Marriage Relevant in 2012?

  1. I guess it just depends on who you ask and their reasons for wanting to get married or not get married! I do believe the values of commitment have changed, and times are changing to the point that poeople would rather be in long term “committed” relatioships without the contract and paperwork. I guess I get it but don’t buy into it! To answer the question, YES 100% marriage is relevant to me, but I do believe it’s losing its place in the 21st century…

  2. Family was the man core value that people use to live by. You would graduate (College or HS, find a job, get married, and raise a family. Our well being was based upon having a family. Now it is about career and feeling a since of entitlement. Then family comes later. Now there was a time where a man would grow with the family and then get that since of Entitlement they were seeking. Men are not what they use to be because fathers are not in there lives, women are not the same because fathers are not in there lives. People are not growing up with family values anymore. We are not showing our kids how to love unconditionally. All we care about is getting money. By the time we get the money we want we are in our mid 30’s and set in our ways. It is hard to start trying to settle down this late in life. Family needs to become the basis of living again. All specialist try to diagnose all the issues that children are having because of this and that. It is because there are no family values anymore.

  3. Good point I am not sure what we are doing in today’s time. I would love to get married and raise a family but it is so hard finding the right person. The quality has changed. Men are not the same anymore. I know women are not either but I think that I am a good man but guys seem to want to do what they want to do. I want a honest stand up guy. Men cheat to much now a days.

  4. Honestly less than 30% of married men cheat when people think that it is at least 50% that is not true. Another thing that people don’t realize is a lot of men use to cheat technology is different now and men did this and still took care of there families. A lot of men lived double lives. I think we all know people that are married with other children on the side of there marriage and the woman is still right there. Now I am not saying it is right but it was not uncommon is all that I am saying. People act like it is such a shock when it happens now. We are talking about Congressman, Senators, Presidents, all had hidden children. Now there are men and were man that never cheated on there wives. We have so much that is just in our face with the media that it puts a taste in our mouth that we just might not of formed on our own.

  5. I think that marriage is not relevant anymore. What is all the hurt and heartache for? I really do not believe in all the hype. I can do bad all by myself. Marriage is for the birds. I would love to meet someone that I connect with but it seems to never happen. Guys are just not the same anymore they are not trying to settle down they want there cake and eat it to. Will the real men stand up.

  6. There are good man out there. It is all what you make of it. I think that we have to get back to what is important in a relationship. You want someone to be there for you have your back. Guess what needed women need to step back. Women always want to be told they are beautiful and all of the superficial crap. A man will tell you that you are beautiful maybe not every time you put on close but he will sometimes. Get some confidence in yourself first. Stop expecting a man to solve all your problems be a woman and stand up. Stop looking at television and get your own values of what you are looking for and stick to that. Start letting the small things go. Life is to short to be worried about the fact that he did not notice I got on a new perfume please. Men do not hold a grudge because you did not say we look good today. LOL it is pretty funny.

  7. I believe everything has been changing since 30 years ago. Family used to be the core of the society and it was a very strong force. The energy was different and it was used to keep everything together. For some groups of power this was an issue and they worked so hard to change this. Today there is no commitment. Many people does not know what this word means and who knows the meaning are afraid to comply because the legal issues and different circumstances that has been created.
    TV, Radio, Internet, Movies and any masive communication system is sending the message and we accept it and agree with it.
    Family is gone and we the parents are guilty of that. We don’t try to keep the family members together and we push our kids out of the house as soon as pocible to us with the idea that is for they’re own good to make them independent. Most of these kids are not ready to take any responsability in they’re hands and they’re not ready to face the world.

  8. I feel marriage depends on the couple. I think in the past marriage was more of a mental requirement due largely to religion. We are moving into a age of more free thinkers and tradition is a thing of the past. Now marriage is more about commitment then requirement.

  9. Marriage is relevant if you make it relevant! There are plenty successful marriages and plenty marriages that have failed. I think that if your lucky enough to love someone and get married then you are blessed! Everyone marries for their own personal reasons and I think today’s marriage is more for convience than anything else. Then they struggle to make it work because they chose the person they could live without and not the person they couldn’t! Yes it’s very different from 30 years ago and it will change even more in the future…the evolution of marriage is still rising!

  10. Marriages are still relevant and bless those that find the one that compliments them.

    During the quest to be equal society has somewhat damaged the structure of marriage. Also in recent past times such as the 60’s, 70’s and probably today; the poor in particular, it benefited the women more not to marry. Why get married to another poor person when the woman gets more in welfare by herself.

    Now for working Class and Rich people.

    1. Men have very few reasons to be married. Why marry what is your motivation? You will probably have less sex and if you have any money you will most likely lose a lot of money if you divorce. Your wife will want you to take care of her. Plus in 30 years your wife will probably not be hot. You will be responsible for being the head of household, but your wife will not listen, because she is independent.

    2. Marriage and divorce heavily favors women. Even so called independent women. Women want men for stability. Men want women for sex and companionship. When guys don’t have stability the women leaves and divorces. When the women don’t have sex and are naggers, the Men get a mistress; however he DOESN’T LEAVE! (not most anyways)

    3. Are there not enough kids and broken homes out there…go adopt kids if you want some so bad.

    4. Contrary to popular belief…..women leave men almost 3 times more than men leave women. Also most of these women are not leaving their man because of infidelity, abuse, drinking and drugs. They leave cuss they got bored one day and couldn’t handle the heat and have no incentive to stay. The kids are gone or she is going to rake in the big bucks in alimony and child support.

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