Is it Really That Simple?

Today’s relationships are harder than they’ve ever been. Everything is so readily available and no one wants to give in a relationship. We want instant gratification and if it is not there when we want it, we are ready to move on. We always tend to look at the media or books that show us someone else’s relationship. We tend to, whether publicly or secretly, want what others have. Just because one couple works does not mean that if you had that person it would work. Trust me everyone has their faults, but can you deal with what faults they bring to the table? Compatibility is real. A relationship is hard work on both parts. You have to be able to listen to each other and respect each other.

Sometimes you have to look inside yourself and ask yourself “Where am I going wrong in this process?” Some people have the same issues over and over and over. At some point, you have to do some soul searching, on your own; meaning without someone else’s input on what you should be doing with your love life. Here are a couple questions that can help you; what is there about me that attracts the same people? Why do I get to a certain point in my relationship and it never seems to go to the next step? Do I love myself? Do I respect myself? Am I willing to receive love?

I think that once you can honestly answer these questions, you can move on to the process of finding someone that works with you. You see, how I said “with you” and not “for you”; because they have to be willing to understand what you need in a relationship. If they do not understand or maybe if they feel your demands are too much, then nothing is going to change that, you will continue to have problems. I have come to the understanding that there is one thing that all happy and successful couples can say, and that is they felt the other person in the relationship cared for their feelings as much or even more than their own, and hey, maybe it is that simple!

Remember to Keep It GC,
Adrian “GC Smooth” Taylor

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