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  1. Man that is interesting. I never really thought about it before. I think that Gays leading in fashion and entertainment everything is catered to them and God forbid you call some a fag that is worst than calling someone a nigger. So I will say that yes Gay is the new Black but then again no because You can not hide the fact that you are black they can hide the fact that they are gay. But as far as the influence on society and dress I will agree.

  2. You made one good point that is why I say no because they can hide who they are me as a black man I am reminded everyday of my life that I am black. Unless you are just out there like that you have to get to know people before you know that they are gay. Black does not come off or go into hiding.

  3. This is a hard topic but I am going to say no because I think that you chose to be gay. I know people might get mad at me for saying that. But I think gay is a fade. God made Adam and Eve not Steve or not Adina and Eve either. I have nothing against gay people I just don’t think you can compare them and blacks.

  4. I do not believe so this is a very hard topic and people look at it crazy. I think that you really can compare the two. Black is not a way of life it was turned into it. Thugs Gangsters. Gay is a way of life I think you chose to feel like a not or not so to speak.

  5. Very much so all we want to do is live our life. That is it. People do not know us and they jugde us they do not want to give us a job. Or they think that just because they are around us they are going to become gay for some reason I hate that. We are people too. I want to be respected as a person.

  6. THis is crazy they are not like blacks. We have struggled for years of acceptance. We have lived very hard lives. To compare the to is just insane. I cannot walk down the streat and be white. They can walk down the street and appear to be straight. There is no comparison.

  7. In some ways they are in others they are not. I do see the trend things which is nuts. I do not see how kids these days and grown men dress in there sisters and wifes clothes. I do not know what this would is coming to. But as far as how they been treated can not compare.

  8. The Gay Rights Movement is definitely the new Civil Rights Movement or the new Women’s Rights Movement. Gays and lesbians are fighting and marching for the same freedoms, equalities, and civil liberties that minorities and women had to fight so hard for. I find it disheartening that groups that have been oppressed or have had their rights suppressed would do the same thing to another group of people. I think it’s wrong to use the bible to justify suppression of gay rights, just as it was wrong when slave owners used the bible to justify slavery.

  9. I have been thinking about this question for a couple days even after I put it up on the site. Do I think that Gay is the new Black? I do and follow me a little bit on why I say absolutely. People look at Gays for acceptance in all aspects of life but do not except them. Blacks have been fighting for rights way before I ever existed. It will continue but Gays are fighting for basic rights. They are starting from the bottom up. Gays are discriminated against because they are different, same thing that happen with black people. The main reason I wanted to put up this post was to show people that blacks and gays are different but in some ways the same. We cannot look down on people because they are different. I don’t not care that we feel it is wrong. They are people and they are trying to live their lives just like you. So the next time you say that the bible says that being gay is wrong and the bible says this and that remember one verse. John 8:7 if you do not know what it is then look it up because you seem to be able to quote every other verse. Love your brother as you want to be loved. Stop hating what you do not understand. I am speaking from experience. I grew up thinking were the worst people on the planet. That was just pure ignorance. I know better now. They are people like everyone else whether black, white or anything else.

    Remember to keep it GC,

    Counselor Dave

  10. I agree to a point if you think about the civil rights movement and look at the gay pride movement you will start to see how this can be the case…… Funny you wrote about this I would always have this discussion with my friends…..

  11. I think that Gay is a choice. Call me crazy. I do not believe that it is the same. With all the media attention and everything else no wonder there are not more gays in america. It is a life style like when hiphop hit kids from the burbs wanted to be what they seen as being black. I just don’t believe it is the same. I do not think that they should be hated or treated wrong but it is a choice.

  12. I wont go into my opinion of the gay rights struggle, but I do not think you can compare it for the fact that I can’t hide it. The terms are the same, the same limitations are on the surfsce… but I do not think it’s fair to say that being Gay is the new Black! It’s a different struggle that I don’t think compares to the hundreds of years Black people have struggleg to be equal because of the solor of my skin. Gay can be arguably a choice or something you’re both as or even a chemical imbalance… whicher it is, I don’t think it can be considered as a new Black. HOWEVER, I challenge black, blue orange and white people to think before they go mistreating anyone because of a preference, choice, or imbalance. YOU will make a choice in life that people diagree with, but that doesn’t give them the right to ostrasize or limit your rights.

  13. I am with you on that one. can not wipe it off if they could then maybe then I could agree with everything that was written. Very intereseting topic.

  14. Smile…you really took there huh? Love the thoughts and opinions, I have none believe it or not! This is a topic that I think could generate a lot of response if you ask a gay person though…

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