Is Chivalry Dead?

I researched the definition of chivalry and the ideas about it.  It goes back centuries and was the systems that a knight lived by.  There code of conduct so to speak.  Now moving forward to modern times the basic meaning for chivalry is have courtesy and kindness towards a woman, it is just that simple.  So is chivalry died?

I personally would not say it is dead.  If you say that it is dead that means no one alive today is kind and courteous to women.  We know that is not true there are plenty of men that are willing to throw themselves in front of a woman and take a bullet so to speak.  Now I will agree and say that it could possibly be an endangered species. 

There are still men who opens doors, will walk you to your car or to your door to make sure that you are safely inside. There are still men who pay for the first date, or at least offer. There are still men who walk on the outside of the curb, and kiss you on the cheek after a first date. There are men who still write love letters or today emails. There are guys who have a great sense of manners and would give up his jacket for you in a heartbeat! Yes, he’s cold too and yes, she knows she should have brought her jacket, but the fact of the matter is that he is willing to sacrifice.

Does technology hurt chivalry?  With automatic doors and locks do men just forget sometimes to do it?  Some men just forget to open the door when they finally come to one that you have to pull but even most once they notice you opening the door they will grab it.   Now there are jerks out there we all know and understand there is no way to get around it.  We cannot confuse them with a good guy that just might not open every single door or pay for every single meal (we will save that for another day).

So I ask the question is chivalry died?

Remember to always keep it GC

Counselor Adrian


10 thoughts on “Is Chivalry Dead?

  1. I would love to hear what a women has to say about this one. Men get such a bad wrap. I think that women want us to do so much and they do so little I am sorry I am not a rapper that is going to give you money instead of time.

  2. Chivalry hasn’t died, its just in remission… Lets be honest, most men are chivalrous for the first couple days, months even years, but after the honeymoon period it goes south. We all know as men and women what we should do, the problem is how much and how long we should do it. Society has transferred and blended our gender roles so much that today men and women are confused. Way back in the day, there were clear defined roles. Today theres no structure to a relationship. Hence, chivalry will continue to lie dormant!

  3. No, it isn’t dead… there are men who do it! They’re just a lil more rare than they used to be! I think that the younger the man the less chance a woman, with “traditional standards” will have at finding the gentleman like qualities! Not saying young men aren’t, its just less common. I think it goes back to young parenting, maybe some men weren’t shown these things for whatever reason… young mom or dad who didn’t learn it! But again, it isn’t dead… just taking a LONG nap! 🙂 Maybe in a coma… hahaha! jk

  4. Chivalry isn’t dead. My brother and all of my guy friends are gentlemen. I think the younger generation thinks it makes them look like a sucker to exhibit manners. I don’t date a guy unless he has the type of manners I require in a man. If they don’t open the door I tell them that is what I expect. Some were not taught and you can’t fault them for that. If men see the younger generation neglecting these things they can teach them. I teach my nephews to hold doors and be respectful , so that when they date they will have those same manners.

  5. Yeah i do agree with technology being part of it. Sometimes men just dont think about it. I think that needs to change because we need to treat our women better than we do.

  6. I do not think its dead I believe some men still do and will do it. Sometimes as a women you have to have your own standards. If you want a man to open your door then you must require that and stick with it….etc
    Also when we as women have a man child we must also teach that to them with the help of the father.


  7. Chivalry is not dead. The definition has changed and evolved over time but the core principles are still the same. Even with the less distinguished gender roles, physiological and emotional differences in men and women will always remain thus some principles of chivalry will never die. Women tend to have lower iron which makes it easier for us to get cold, men can maintain consistently higher temperatures so he probably doesn’t mind giving up his jacket and not to mention the fact that women wear fewer and lighter clothes. Men are physically stronger so it will always make sense for him to open a heavy door or walk on the outside of the curb. Lone women are easier and more likely targets so it will always make sense for a man to walk her to her car for her safety. Only women can carry, birth, and nurse children so it makes sense that she is a nurturer and the physically stronger man is a protector. Biological differences will never change and thus in my eyes chivalry and it’s core principles will never die.

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