I Need a Bad Girl

With all the music out talking about a Bad Girl men can fall into this stupid trap of thinking a bad girl is what you want or need.  Ok I will admit that “I Need a Bad Girl” is one of my favorite songs by Usher.  I was listening to it today on Pandora as a matter of fact.  The question is do I really want a bad girl?  What does a bad girl do for me?  I will tell you sexually she is probably everything that I want her to be.  She is edgy and she doesn’t take any mess.  It is different from nagging though.  It is hard to put your finger on it.  It is just an attraction that you cannot explain.  But on the flip side that is all that it is an attraction. 

If you wonder why you cannot make it with a Bad Girl fellows it is because she does not want to be kept dummy.  She is always looking for the next best thing, which means when it comes around she is out and you will be left heartbroken. 

Men are very visual when it comes to picking a mate, but you have to make sure that is not the only reason that you are with your lady.  Do you want a trophy, or someone that will take care of your kids and your household?  Men are so predictable I know what you are thinking I want both.  Yeah I want it all too.  But the question is what is more important? What are you standards?  We need to do better.  Truth is a woman that is down for you will do all of those extra things that you request (in reason of course).  Listening to all this music that is being made today in killing our minds fellows.  There is no love anymore it is all about lust and how I can take you on a shopping spree.  Stop pointing fingers and start looking at yourself in the mirror.  It is time for a change.  It starts with us.   

We need to get back to setting the standards in our relationships.  Build that relationship with a woman so she can develop into your “Bad Girl”.  You 30 years old and still only worried about the physical aspect of the relationship get a life (you wondering why you divorce after two years).  Stimulate your mind a little because when you are 65 sitting on the porch with your wife talking and the way she takes care of you will make her so sexy. 
Look for your best friend!  Stop chasing one night stands.  If this is what you are subconsciously chasing don’t get mad when you get played.  

Remember to keep it GC,

Counselor Dave

9 thoughts on “I Need a Bad Girl

  1. Age and wisdom changes your perception of what u want in a mate. What u wanted at 18, 20 is not what u want at 30.

  2. Ooh! Work me baby, shakin’ it the way I like I’m ready to be bad, I need a bad girl, get at me bad girl. LOL I have to agree that is one of my songs as well. But on the real women are just not stepping up in my eyes. They want so much with little return. Which is why guys find themselves with a bad girl. At least you know that you are going to have fun when it comes down to it. Your quote on quote wifey type need to learn how to give and keep a guy interested. I am not say that hey you need to come out the gate sprinting and doing everything that a guy say but you have to do more to keep a man interested. I am sorry but good girls are no fun.

    Now bad girls when you start to thinking about the family life and everything else you realize to late that this is not the one you want that type of life with because she can not satisfy that side of your life. It is a hard line. Men continue to ask themselves do I want to have fun or do I want to have or do I want the boring life. Just being honest.

  3. As you get older things do change but it is like being a product of your environment. You still like a bad girl if that is the image of a lady you grew up interested in. So sometimes even when you realize you dont want a bad girl you find yourself going back to them over and over again because that is what you feel more comfortable with. It is a cycle that is hard to break. We find ourselves like women trying to change someone that we know it will not work with.

  4. Does music really influence wanting a bad girl? Never herd this one before? Like maybe wanting a model chick, but not a bad girl? I know that song by user is about Bad Girl, however I don’t think the music industry promotes bad girls like they do bad guys and thugs. Even chicks like Khia and Trina, Lil Kim, I never though of them chicks as wife or wifey. They were bad girls and that was it, nothing more and nothing less. ….Anyways, I like bad girls just because (would not date one seriousely). Chicks from the bricks all day!

    1. Jack what are you talking about lol. You are making no sense at all. Yes music culture influences. When you say bad chick that is strippers, models, others because they are looking for the hottest thing around. You comments lately have been all over the place. I’m just saying.

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