I Have a Praying Mother

My mother is a true blessing to me. God laid it on my heart to share this story with everyone and I guess if I can help someone by sharing my journey that is all I care about. I grew up in church and I mean, I was at church at least three times a week. I hated it like most children did but I just did not know that this foundation was gearing me up for something I still do not clearly understand today. When I was at my lowest point in my life, I took things out on my mother. We tend to take things out on the people that are the closest to our hearts. I stopped believing in God and there was nothing that anyone could say to me or tell me to do in relation to God. I became angry and very bitter. I disrespected my mother so badly with my tongue. I am emotional writing this story because my mother loved me with all her heart and wanted the best for me but I did not see it. She would always tell me that she was praying for my cold heart and for God to deliver me from such a negative spirit. It would make me even more upset when she would say she was going to pray for me. I did not believe in God anymore. I asked her “What can He do for me; for us? We come from nothing and God does not care about me or you.” She never said anything more than “I am praying for you son.”

I would go months without talking to her. Everything that came out of her mouth made me upset. It was always about God. I just wanted to die. I was suffering from depression. My mother was praying that spirit out of me. My mother was trying to help me but I did not want it. My mother was so patient with me; she never yelled at me during this time or got mad. She just prayed for me. She told me I was one of God’s children and said “Adrian, believe me when I say everything that you are going through, there is a reason. Believe me, you might not understand now but you will one day.” She told me that I would have a story to tell that will help someone, through their problems.

I was looking for love and it was right in front of me. Jesus did love me and He never left me. I left him. I turned my back on God, but I had a praying mother that knew I would only stray so far before I found my way back. She believed in me. She knew I was a King’s child and never said anything else.

The love my mother gave me and instilled in my heart is a blessing. I was in a dark place and she could have gone-off on me, and wrote me off; but she knew what to do. I love her so much for that. Now, she tells me that she is so proud of the man that I have become. She always tells me that I am going to do great things. I hope I marry a woman half as good as my mother because she is truly a ride or die chick, lol. I cannot wait to go home and get some of her lovely cooking. You know what; I think it is time I cook for you! I love you ma, you are the best mother ever!

Adrian Taylor


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