Hump Day With Wednesday Word:Risk


I am standing at the top of this very, LARGE tree, looking about 100 feet down, wayyyy down. It may not have been 100 feet, but that’s what it felt like! I am being strapped into this contraption that is supposed to ‘protect’ me. This big, burly dude is in my ear talking about, “What you afraid for? Nothing’s going to happen. It’s perfectly safe! I’ve done it a thousand times!” I cut my eye at him so hard that he just stared at me with a look like, “hmmm, I won’t say another word”. The brain has two hemispheres and I think I was thinking with both: one in a very, prayerful language with hopes that I will make it through and the other was ‘speaking in other tongues’ that were far from spiritual and are not appropriate for this blog. How the two co-existed? I have no idea, but I was not ready for what came next!

The rest of the staff were FAR below, yelling up and cheering me on. As I looked down, something I never do since I am afraid of heights (could you tell?), the big, burly dude bumped me off the platform!!! I had NO CHOICE but to hold on for dear life as it continued to pass me by!! ZOOOOMMM! Down the zip cord I went, screaming to the top of my lungs, calling the big, burly dude every name but his own! About half way down, I just had to concentrate! I am in mid-air and I needed to land and if I wasn’t prepared, it was going to hurt! As I approached the end, and the other safety attendant waiting, I braced my upper body so he could catch me. The stop was abrupt and for seconds it was quiet. I heard, “Are you all right?” I said, “No”. He said, “What’s wrong?” I opened my eyes and pointed up to the first attendant and said, “He’s wrong!” He’s up there smiling and waving. After I was disconnected from the line, I laughed so hard! It was unbelievable. I took a risk to even get up that tree! Despite my fears, I had to face them. I had to trust that things would be okay. It was a risk, but one worth taking.

As you pursue your goals, you will have to do the following:
face your fears
climb ‘tall trees’ with the feeling of the climb being a never-ending one.
trust that you will be protected.
accept that people push you into places that you wouldn’t dare go on your own. You will side eye people and curse them out, verbally or non-verbally, but you will possibly thank them later for challenging you.
confront barriers and realizing that the only way to overcome is to just brace yourself and take it!! If you are not prepared, it can hurt!
experience things that will make you so mad, but after it’s over, you can do nothing but laugh and actually be happy that it happened because, as a result of that moment, you grew up.
Taking risks may start our nerve-wrecking at first, but will become the thrill of your life when you realize that you needed to do it!


Dr. Janice (‘Jai’) Armstrong

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