Dear LiHK Leaders,

As we get older, at least in my experiences, ‘fun’ falls to the wayside a bit. Other priorities arise and the notion of ‘fun’ isn’t AS important. One may have the opportunity to ‘enjoy’ something: like a glass of wine; a good movie; a nice dinner… but FUN takes more ACTION! You have to MAKE things FUN. It seems, to me, that there is a greater physical and emotional appreciation for what FUN is when it happens. We increase those endorphins and enhance that dopamine when we have FUN!!! REMEMBER ‘dopamine’, by thinking, “Dope is Mine”… get high on LIFE and have FUN!! (No, not ‘dope’ literally!! Just a little psych lesson that I use for my students to help them remember important brain neurotransmitters (gossip between nerves)).


Anyway, here is the story behind this: My son, Jayson, was sitting in the back seat of my truck this morning. He had his earphones on watching Mickey Mouse clubhouse, cheerios in his lap, and his sunglasses on upside down! I tell him all of the time that they are on wrong, but he keeps them that way. Today, at a stop light, I asked him to give me the glasses and I placed them in his hand the right way, encouraging him to, as I tell him, “put the nose in the nose hole!” He put them on, upside down again. I said, “Jayson, why you want them on like that?” He simply said, “It’s FUN, Mommy!” We can learn a lot from kids; they remind us what having PURE fun is like! Forget about how you look and what people think of you. When YOU are smiling and laughing and enjoy a GOOD TIME for yourself; others opinions really don’t matter. Love life and have FUN! It’s almost summer time; the season of FUN!! Embrace it!

Dr. Jai

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