These past couple of days have wreaked havoc on my brain!!  I have been thinking about my next steps and made decisions based on my gut that I truly feel has been best for me.  By brain was going through a mental spiral, causing for later nights, awakened by stress and worry.  I reached out for a listening ear and a kind word and realized, that is NOT what I needed to hear.  “Tell me like it is…” and one of my best friends did!  That best friend’s name, for me, is “Mommy”.  Mommy simply stated, “Um, you’re doing too much!”  My immediate response was, “No, I am not!”  *pause*  “I have so much to do and I just need to find ways to get it done!”  She replied, “Ok, so you said, “you are not doing ‘too’ much” and then you tell me that “you have so much to do”.  Again, *pause*.  A dead silence as an admission that I was called out!  Then a friend of mine confirmed that, yes, I am trying to do too much.  So essentially, I had to admit, that I was doing too much!

For me, I am a pretty, even-tempered person, until I get stressed out and my words and tone are that of pure frustration.  Others recognize it, but I brush it off, which has been my challenge.  In my mind, after all that I tend to juggle at one time, there is no such thing as ‘too much’; in my world, “it is what it is” and “you do what you gotta do”!  I preach a good word to those who want to hear it, but sometimes, I am not the ‘doer’ of my own advice.  

So what do I do when things get like this?  Like a computer that has stalled on a page, I hit my own ‘refresh’ button.  I start again.  When you hit the refresh button, you don’t necessarily go ALL the way back to the first log on page to access EVERYTHING again, you simply see the page just before, checking that particular area with better focus.  No, I don’t desire to start ALL over again with what I have accomplished thus far; there is no need, but what I have learned is to push the refresh button to determine what has caused my uncertainty, change in pursuit, or stress and make a change.  My page still remains but the content has changed.

Don’t be afraid to start again; you don’t always need a dramatic ‘fresh start’, but refreshment is just as satisfying.  Want to be your best?  REFRESH!

Dr. Janice (‘Jai’) ArmstrongCEO,
LiHK Consulting, LLC

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