·    While I am driving into work there are some drivers that I really think fall asleep behind the wheel!!  They sit idle after the light has been green for a minute or they decide to pull in front of you and drive slower than the speed limit because they haven’t had their ‘pick up’ in the morning.  Well, I am wide awake, driving the speed limit, or more, and my pick-me-ups are sitting in the back seat!  So now, you are in my way to get to my destination!  No, I am not rushing!  Most times I am on time or early, but I should not feel the consequences of your lack of motivation!  So, as I am driving, I shout, “Move!!! Geez!”  and my son, taking after his father, shouts, “C’mon Mannnn! ‘Outta Wayyy'”  I can’t help but chuckle because even a 2.5 year old knows that driver needs to get some pep in that pedal!


Anyway, when I think of someone shouting, “Move!”, it is said, mostly, in urgency!  There is a destination to get to or there is a barrier to that destination; therefore, the command has purpose, yet stated sternly for ACTION!  When I think about Ludacris’ song, “Move….” and a Baltimore Club Track, “Out My Way….” and how, at parties, folks would respond, moving each other out of the way, in fun, of course, the songs provoked action and a change in position, sometimes forced.  Most times being forced to move is not ‘welcomed’ or ‘preferred’.

Don’t wait to move on things you desire to do!  In these economic times, many of us are forced to move out of jobs and positions and it’s not comfortable.  Then we are forced to move to other desired levels in our careers and life, quicker than we would have wanted, and it’s, initially, not comfortable.  If you want to do something in life, then get started and… MOVE!  Whether baby steps, major steps or huge leaps of faith…. MOVE!!!  If you aren’t ready, that’s fine; MOVE when you are. If someone is in your way, then tell them to “MOVE… get out the way…” because you have places to go, things to see and people to meet! Don’t let the consequences of their lack of motivation affect your actions!  If someone is blocking your progress, say ‘Out My Way…’ and ‘throw them bows’ (i.e. elbowing someone out of their current position) because you are trying to move out or up and they are dead-weight.  Get assertive in your demands; get aggressive in your quest!!  You have a destiny!  You won’t get there until you MOVE!!!

“A ‘dead-weight’ in your progress will surely hinder your success” ~ Dr. Jai



Dr. Janice (‘Jai’) Armstrong








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